A 13-year-old girl and her mother became infected with corona and are hospitalized in critical condition


A 13-year-old girl and her mother became infected with the corona virus and are hospitalized in critical condition at Assuta Hospital in Ashdod. They arrived at the house earlier this week after being defined as “contagious in the community.” They are not anesthetized or respirated, in the past background diseases have been detected. Ministry of Health: 1,968 new verified patients were discovered yesterday, 336 patients are in critical condition – an increase of 8 from 19:00 yesterday evening.

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As of yesterday, there have been 26,075 tests in the last day. Today, at midnight, four more Israelis died. In addition, one person was added to the responder count. 274 new infections were detected at midnight. 752 people infected with corona are hospitalized in hospitals: most major hospitals report particularly high occupancy in corona wards.

Senior official in the Ministry of Health: A decrease in the number of dead and sick is difficult since the first wave

The Ministry of Health examined the gaps in mortality rates and the number of severe patients between the first and second wave and found that there was a significant decrease and that in fact the increase in the number of corona patients hospitalized in critical condition was halted. The comparison is relative and relates to the number of patients in each wave.

An internal document published last night by Yoav Even at six with Oded Ben-Ami, written by Prof. Yaron Niv, Deputy Director General of the Ministry of Health and Quality of Care, presents data showing the percentage decrease in the number of critically ill and dead patients. Corona.

The health care system has examined the possible causes of the dramatic decline and says that it may be due to the fact that the percentage of those infected without symptoms is higher than before and that the patients are younger. It also says that the risk groups are better maintained and the treatment of corona patients has improved significantly.


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