952% – the best stock on the stock exchange in 2020 – the capital market


Augwinde shares showed the sharpest rise of all shares on the stock exchange since the beginning of the year, when they jumped 952%. This increase is a necessary background for raising capital, especially when the company is preparing for strong growth in its operations and has only NIS 7 million in cash, as of the end of 2019.

augvind Has developed technology for storing energy and improving the efficiency of air compressors using compressed air. The company’s board of directors has decided to raise up to NIS 165 million gross in one or more private placement of shares and options. Ogwind, founded and managed by Dr. Or Yogev, plans to issue a private offering of packages, in which a share at a price of NIS 82 – 10.4% lower than the share price when trading opened yesterday – and half a non-tradable option that can be exercised by the end of 2021 at an exercise price Of NIS 125 per share, which is 37% higher than the share price at the opening of trading yesterday.

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