90 year old gets lost in the woods while looking for mushrooms: rescue task force


In Casentino he had gone solely and exclusively to look for mushrooms. But, not being familiar with the area, he ended up getting lost in the woods. Misadventure with a happy ending for a 90 year old from Scandicci that this morning was found in the forests around Castel San Niccolò. According to what has been reconstructed, the man, after getting lost, called the surveillance institute of his city with his cell phone. From here the alarm went off at 118 Arezzo. In consideration of the inaccessible area, the intervention saw the presence of both the helicopter rescue and the mountain rescue personnel. The helicopter landed near the area identified by geolocation. From here the searches continued on foot.

In the end, the mushroom hunter was also found thanks to the whistle he had with him and that he was using to direct the rescuers. His health conditions appeared good: only a slight dehydration. Once taken back to his car, he decided to go home alone. The alarm went off at 11 and at 12.50 the old man was already traveling to his home.

Task force to track man

Around 10.30 the Tuscan mountain rescue was activated by the 118 operations center in Arezzo for a mushroom hunter in difficulty. A team of technicians from Sazione Monte Falterona immediately left and reached the area at the same time as the Pegaso 1 helicopter. Due to the lack of open spaces the helicopter did not land but the helicopter rescue technician and a medical doctor were winched, who joined the mountain rescue team for research. The man was found quickly, also thanks to an application on the latter’s phone that allowed him to have more precise information on his position. Once reached, the mushroom hunter was visited by the health personnel and then accompanied to the machine as it did not report physical problems, except for a slight dehydration. The intervention was managed in synergy with the Arezzo 118 power station, within which an Alpine Rescue technician contributed to the coordination of the recovery operations.

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