80 games and 43 punishments after Ronaldo made it. And he writes other pages of Juventus’ history First page


It took 80 games to take aim. And 43 attempts often ended up on the barrier or perhaps far from the posts. Then the ball ended up right there it had to wanted, in seven, triggering the anger of the opposing goalkeeper (in this case Salvatore Sirigu) who had also touched her. Cristiano Ronaldo did it, he found the first goal in black and white on a free kick, debunking what was perhaps the last individual taboo since he arrived at Juve. A situation that certainly weighed more on the Portuguese champion than on Juve herself: the exultation of pure anger goes precisely in this direction, Ronaldo has taken a burden, because someone like him the easy irony that has been accumulating in these years, just could not digest it. “I needed it”, he himself admits to the microphones of Sky Sport.IN THE HISTORY – In the meantime CR7 as if nothing had happened, because it is certainly not in the best shape or maximum performance, it continues to break records or to bring others closer. The first free-kick goal allows him to enter a very small circle, that of the players capable of achieving at least 25 league goals. It hasn’t happened for 59 years, before him only people like Boniperti, Sivori or Charles, another football. All while the counter turns and is ready to do it for a long time, considering that there are still eight championship days left.

RONALDO BATTE RONALDO – Numbers but not just numbers. Like those who see him having already overcome the spoils collected a year ago, when there was always or almost a panzer at his side to open the way. There are 29 seasonal networks of CR7. Four consecutive ones, including penalties, scored together with Paulo Dybala, who is not a panzer and yet it seems to intend it more and more in wonder with the Portuguese champion. Not playing by false nueve and not even asking Ronaldo to play the center forward as requested by Sarri in the Italian Cup: it was enough to move both of them a few meters, for an attitude that more and more closely resembles a 4-4-2. So they divide the zones of action, they come closer, they look for each other, they find each other. Dybala never stops, not even Ronaldo seems to mention a stop. And if he now scores on punishment …

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