80% are cases of import from abroad


Twenty new cases of coronavirus have been recorded in the past 24 hours. Of these, sixteen are imported, about 80% of the total. Twelve people have a link with return flights from Bangladesh already attended, while the rest are a man returning from Ukraine, a woman returning from Mexico, a man from Montenegro and one from Afghanistan. Therefore, checks at airports and on mandatory quarantine for those who land in Rome from other countries increase. “It is the demonstration – explains the regional councilor for Health Alessio D’Amato – that in this phase the incoming controls and the isolation are indispensable. The import cases confirm the prevalence, while the activity is continuing with good results of contact tracing for the Bangladesh community which is providing great collaboration. “

Coronavirus, man returning from Afghanistan hospitalized in Spallanzani

Only yesterday were they executed 1600 swabs in the various drives located in different areas of the capital. In particular, two positive women were intercepted in ASL Roma 1 during the pre-hospitalization phase at Umberto I in Rome, while two positives were found during checks on the Bengali Roman community. As for the four people who arrived from Mexico, Ukraine, Montenegro and Afghanistan, three were put in isolation, while the man of Afghan nationality is in more serious conditions and was hospitalized at the Spallanzani hospital.

Civitavecchia, one year old boy hospitalized with the Child Jesus

A one-year-old boy residing in Civitavecchia tested positive for coronavirus. The boy was hospitalized Baby Jesus of Palidoro. The competent authorities have launched the epidemiological investigation to trace the chain of contacts. At the moment, no further information has been released on his health.

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