6 months of service work for actor Moshe Ivgi who committed indecent acts


The Haifa Magistrate’s Court sentenced this morning (Thursday) 6 months of community service to the actor Moshe Ivgi, who was convicted of committing indecent acts. In addition, it was determined that the player must pay compensation in the amount of NIS 10,000 to the victim.

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The prosecution sought a sentence of 15 months actual imprisonment for the actor. Ivgi’s lawyer, Adv. Michael Carmel, asked for a suspended sentence only. Judge Ziv Refaeli stated in the sentence that he believes that Ivgi should want actual imprisonment, but due to his age and clean record, the imprisonment will be done by way of service work at the Zichron Yaacov police station.

In January, the court ruled that Ivgi was guilty of two indecent offenses attributed to him in the indictment – and acquitted him of three other charges.

According to the verdict, during the production of a film starring Ivgi, the actor approached one of the complainants from behind, put his hand through a cleavage on the back of her shirt and stroked her back. It was further determined that the complainant was surprised by Ivgi’s actions and asked about his actions, while he replied that “the loophole calls for a thief.” In another case, the defendant clung to the complainant, hugged her tightly, and at the same time whispered in her ear that he “wanted to” fuck her. ”

The court adopted the complainant’s testimony, ruled that it was credible – and found support for her testimony in Ivgi’s remarks during a confrontation between the two. The court further ruled that Ivgi’s testimony was “tortuous and evasive – an unreliable version” and rejected Ivgi’s claim that the cases were “done with humor” and “as a legitimate attempt at courtship.”

Earlier this week, Anna Stefan, an actress who worked alongside Ivy, revealed that the actor committed an allegedly indecent act on her about 17 years ago. She reported this to the police, but the complaint was closed due to statute of limitations. Stefan told how Ivy tried to kiss her, she refused and a few days later – she was fired.

“I had nothing to do. It was my word against the word of one of the greats in the country. What would I say? They fired me because he tried to kiss me by force?”, The actress said in an interview with Rafi Reshef. “He would say he fired me because I’m not a good actress. Who would they believe?”

In February 2016, it was revealed on the Walla website that six women accused Ivgi of sexual harassment. Even before some of them filed a complaint against him, Ivgi said: “The publications in recent days have turned my life around and disrupted it from end to end. Not easy days go by for my family.”

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