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18.17: These are the protagonists of the 200 men’s floors: Galati, Benati, Infantino, Re, Manfredi, Pettorossi, Tardito

6.15pm: The 200 men’s floors will soon be available

18.13: Personal and victory for Alberto Montanari from Romagna who with 48 ″ 18 is better than almost seven tenths in the 400 floors, Fioribello second (49 ″ 38), third place for Esposito (49 ″ 60)

18.12: Meanwhile the news of an excellent 6.57 of Larissa Iapichino arrives in Vittorio Veneto

18.08: The protagonists of the 400 men’s floors are all Italian: Khalil, Gennaro, Montanari, Esposito, Fioribello and De Marco

06.16: Soon the 400 men’s floors, very young lot of starters

18.03: Slow pace for Linda Olivieri who imposes herself in 59 ″ 11, ahead of Sartori in 59 ″ 19, very detached Gresta (1’00 ″ 71) and Carlini

18.00: The 400 obstacles for women have started

17.57: Waiting for Linda Olivieri, vice junior European champion of the specialty

17.55: Carlini, Gresta, Olivieri, Sartori will be at the start of the 400 women’s hurdles

17.50: Soon the 400 women’s obstacles start

17.48: Bogliolo wins the first race of 100 obstacles in 12 ″ 93 ahead of Di Lazzaro in 13 ″ 27, Guizzetti third in 13 ″ 46

17.47: BRIGHT BOGLIOLO !!! Immediately an excellent 12 ″ 93 at the seasonal debut. Absolute dominion of the blue

17.45: At the time requested by Di Lazzaro

17.41: 7.67 the result of Anderw Howe in the long race that took place before the race phase of the meeting

17.40: There is Luminosa Bogliolo at the start in the first race of the 100 obstacles. With her Santificetur, Latini, Di Lazzaro, Guizzetti and Mosetti, all Italian

17.38: Pozzi first in 13 ″ 44, second place for Perini in 13 ″ 74, third Trgocevic in 14 ″ 30, fourth Di Panfilo in 14 ″ 57, fifth Marchetti

17.37: Excellent performance by Andrew Pozzi who keeps the expectations of the eve by winning in 13 ″ 44, second place for the blue Perini who lost contact with the British in the central phase after a good start

17.31: Before the double challenge on the 110 obstacles. Filpi, Trgocevic (Srb), Simonelli, Perini, Pozzi (Gbr), Di Panfilo, Marchetti, Pacitto are at the start. Waiting especially for Andrew Pozzi and the blue Perini. There will also be a second race later with the same protagonists

17.28: Chiara Gala wins the second semifinal in 11 ″ 87 and is the only one to qualify for the final A, second Maffioletti, who manages to qualify, then Gorrini and Torreti, all out of the final

17.25: Gala, Romans, Maffioletti, Torreti, Iori at the start in the second semifinal of 100 women

17.22: Davide Re wins in 10 ′ “47, good proof of the blue that flies to the final A, second place for Pettorossi, third Fornasari, fourth Ulysses but from the second onwards they are all out of the final

17.19: Davide Re is in the second semifinal of 100 meters, an unusual distance for the specialist of 100. With him Tomasicchio, Vigliotti, Pettorossi, Fornasari, Ulysses and

5.15pm: What a race for the Swiss De Ponte who clearly wins in 11 ″ 33, second place for a cumbersome Siragusa, third Dosso

17.13: Irene Siragusa is at the start in the 100 semifinal, then the Swiss De Ponte, Pavese, Draisci, Melon and Dosso

17.12: All in all positive test by Filippo Tortu. To forget the start but in the end the Milanese relaxed and liked it

17.11: The first semifinal of the 100 women will soon start:

17.08: TORTU WINS !!! A bit cumbersome at the start of the blue which ended by winning his semifinal in 10 ″ 28, beaten Chituru Ali in 10 ″ 40, personal, and Sean Safo-Antwi 10 ″ 42, fourth Veleba in 10 ″ 43

17.07: A little late but the athletes take their places, dry track despite the early afternoon rain

17.05: Filippo Tortu in yellow suit, is his seasonal debut

17.04: The protagonists of the first semifinal of the 100 men are entering, the best times of the two semifinals are in the final

17.01: All ready in Rieti for the start of the first 100 semifinal

16.57: Tortu will race in the fifth lane, with the two international sprinters alongside him: in the fourth the Ghanaian Sean Safo-Antwi, personal from 10.14 in 2014, 10.18 last year, and in the sixth the Czech Jan Veleba, sprinter from 10.16 last season . The other blues to challenge Tortu in the first series: in the second lane there will be Roberto Rigali, in the third Antonio Infantino, in the seventh Chituru Ali, eighth for Andrea Federici.

16.55: At the end of the program Gianmarco Tamberi will be on the platform who will aim to improve the 2.30 scored in Ancona last Sunday

16.53: Interesting race also on the 200 men where the 400 Davide Re world finalist makes his debut

16.50: The first race is the double semifinal of the 100 with Tortu at the start in the first of the two challenges that open the doors of the final. Last year the Milanese made the time of 9.97 with a wind in favor of +2.4 meters

16.47: The attention of the fans is fixed above all on the seasonal debut of Filippo Tortu who returns to the race in fact nine months after having played the final of the 100 floors at the World Championships in Doha

16.45: Good afternoon and welcome to the live broadcast of the meeting in Rieti, the first big event of the post-Covid athletics season. There is almost all of Italy that counts in the competition at the Guidobaldi stadium

Good evening to friends of OA Sport and welcome to the LIVE LIVE of the Fastweb Cup, Rieti meeting scheduled at the Guidobaldi stadium, the scene of many businesses of the past and the first big event of the athletics season with most of the big Italians at the start. Tortu, Tamberi, King, Bogliolo, Folorunso, Siragusa, Chigbolu, Howe are just a few of the big blues in the race today starting at 5pm.

Filippo Tortu, at the “first” of the season, returns to the Guidobaldi stadium where a year ago it got windy 9 ″ 97. At 17.05 the first round and at 18.27 the final. At 19, do not miss the jumps of Gianmarco Tamberi that returns more charged than ever after 2.30 on Sunday in Ancona in the high. At 17.57 it will be time for Davide Re on the 200 meters. The hurdler Luminosa Bogliolo runs twice (100hs): at 17.37 for the drums and 18.42 for the final.

This is the complete program of the Rieti meeting: 05.05 – 100 men – battery 1, 17.11 – 100 women – battery 1, 17.17 – 100 men – battery 2, 17.23 – 100 women – battery 2, 17.30 – 110hs – battery, 17.37 – 100hs – battery, 17.44 – 400hs women, 17.51 ​​- 400 men, 17.57 – 200 men, 18.03 – 200 women, 18.09 – 100 women – final B, 18.15 – 100 men – final B, 18.21 – 100 women – final A, 18.27 – 100 men – final A, 18.35 – 110hs – final, 18.42 – 100hs – final, 19.00 – Tall men.

OA Sport offers you the LIVE LIVE of the Golden Gala 2019, of the Fastweb Cup, meeting in Rieti scheduled at the Guidobaldi stadium, news in real time, minute after minute, race after race, so as not to miss anything. It will start at 17.00. Have a good fun.


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Photo: FIDAL / Colombo


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