5G, the British government makes official: the Chinese giant Huawei excluded from December 31st


In recent months, the British government announced the decision that the country could continue to use Huawei for the construction of part of the 5G network in the country. The decision had been announced by the government, however, specifying that Huawei would be excluded from any role in the supply of sensitive parts of the network. With a ban on involvement in server components and an indication of a maximum ceiling of 35% of the total supplies of the 5G project.

However, the move created a diplomatic confrontation with the Americans, who threatened to end security cooperation unless Britain downloaded Huawei.

Huawei condemns the Gb turning point: the United Kingdom will lag behind The British rethinking of Huawei’s participation in 5G networks plans “is a disappointing decision and bad news for anyone with a cell phone in the UK.” Huawei Brew spokesperson Ed Brewster said, condemning the announcement of Boris Johnson’s government. It is a choice that “does not advance, but makes the Kingdom fall behind” on the technological front, the spokesman continues, inviting Johnson to retrace his steps. The company also denies that US restrictions have an impact on the “safety of products” supplied across the Channel and reports that the issue has been “politicized” by Washington.

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