5 sick. «Difficult to test in those residences»


Up to a few days ago, only five people of Indian nationality had been infected in the province of Latina since the emergency began. Five out of 500 total cases, nothing. Now in a few days another 5 cases, four of which are returning: four Indians and a Bengali who returned by plane from their countries of origin and to Latina the alarm went off. The last two yesterday, in Aprilia. Workers who work, however, not in the fields but in logistics. “International contact tracing procedures have been activated for them too,” explained the Lazio Region Councilor for Health, Alessio D’Amato. A complicated situation for the province of Latina where yesterday four other new positives were found, an Italian family: father, mother, grandmother and 5-year-old son, and where in the last 8 days there were 17 new positive cases.

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But the focus is on the five cases, four Indians and one Bengali, returning from their countries of origin which are putting a strain on the inspectors of the ASL – led by the manager Giorgio Casati – and the director of the “Migrant Population” structure of the Archangel Maietta sanitzaria company together with the police to trace the contacts of the positives and try to contain this new explosion of contagions. “These are not easy cases to identify, also because the positive returns found in Latina have all taken place from different routes and with very different triangulations of flights” explains Antonio Sabatucci, director of the Uoc of active prevention of the Pontine ASL. The first case was that of a woman of Indian nationality who returned from Delhi via Paris on an Air France flight on 30 June: she manifested her symptoms on 2 July in the house in Aprilia where she was in quarantine. Then her husband, who in turn had returned from Asia but on a flight from Dhaka on 23 June. Then a Bengali arrived from Doha, while one of the cases found had flown via Frankfurt and landed in Florence.

Until the lockdown everything had been quiet. Of the 5 Indians infected, only two had been hospitalized in Spallanzani. Thanks to the help of Caritas, the Red Cross and Emergency, the ASL had managed to monitor the situation, but now the problem of returns makes everything more complicated. Also because it is difficult to imagine entering one of the Bella Farnia areas with a drive through station (those where you are subjected to the pad while staying in the car) to make carpet pads. We are talking about a very closed community, where an ASL inspector is seen as a kind of policeman. “In fact, it has not been easy these days to swab the direct contacts of the positive Indians, but thanks to the volunteers and linguistic mediators we are succeeding,” says Maietta. The other morning they had left to make nine, in the end they made 50. “The important thing is that up to now they have all been negative, so you have to be very careful not to shout at the greaser” explains Maietta. The ASL is considering how to increase the number of tampons and from tomorrow it will ask for help from associations that work with foreigners.

But there are “imported” infections also among Italians, such as the family who worked in Fortaleza: father, mother and son who returned to Pontinia were positive. The fact is that a Latina in the last 8 days there have been 17 new infected, the worst negative sequence since mid-April when we were still in full swing emergency. “So the attention – they warn from the ASL – must remain very high”.


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