35 percent increase in both test collection and new infections – The Daily Standard


Maurice de Hond put the RIVM report into perspective, just before it was announced. 1329 new infections were detected last week, 342 more than the previous week. And the amount of tests taken also increased by 35 percent (23,000) to about 110,000.

The percentage of the number of people tested positive per number of tests performed is still 1 percent. However, quite a few outbreaks were noted: 133 where there were 96 last week.

In reality, the number of infections is of course higher, because not everyone gets tested. In terms of hospital and intensive care admissions, there doesn’t seem to be much going on yet. Maybe that will come, or will it help that people who are tested positive isolate themselves (probably not all)?

There doesn’t seem to be much cause for concern nationally, but locally otherwise. More and more fires are becoming visible and mayors notice that they cannot really do anything about it. Perhaps this can be used as an argument to introduce local lockdowns and mandatory quarantines. This will do much less harm to the economy and will nip the virus in the bud faster.

Be that as it may, the virus is still among us and we are far from it. I think it looks good for now, but we all know that it can flare up again.

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