30,165 dead in France, resuscitation down


The latest report shows 30,165 deaths from the coronavirus in France, while resuscitations and hospitalizations continue to decline. But the circulation of the virus is “increasing on the national territory”, warn the authorities.

The coronavirus has killed 30,165 people in France, according to the latest report published Tuesday evening by the authorities. This figure is down compared to Monday, the authorities indicating in a press release that Public Health France reported “a restatement of data relating to deaths” in nursing homes, which results “in a decrease in the number of deaths”.

Resuscitations and hospitalizations continue to decline, but the circulation of the virus “is increasing on the national territory”, warns the Directorate General of Health (DGS). Eight new “clusters” were thus reported in 24 hours.

Virus circulation on the rise

Thus, 455 patients are in intensive care, against 467 on Monday (-12 in 24 hours). Hospitalizations are also down, with 6,482 people hospitalized on Tuesday against 6,589 on Monday (-107 in 24 hours).

The circulation of the virus is however “increasing on the national territory. It is reflected in particular by an increase in the number of recourse to SOS doctors, emergency visits, the number of clusters and new hospitalizations.”

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