30 complaints to the police for robberies, sexual abuse and assaults of ores to educators at the Casa de Campo reception center


Most crimes are committed by a group of magrebes who came to abuse one of the educators who reported the facts to the police station. Workers point out that they are fed up with the insecurity they suffer and demand more means

A minor leaving the center of Casa de Campo

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    The ores camp in the Casa de Campo and extend their criminal actions to the Prncipe Po area.

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    The Police denounces that it is overflowed by the new center of ‘ore’ of the Casa de Campo

The workers and educators of the center of menas de la Casa de Campo have denounced to the National Police that 30 criminal acts have been suffered in the last year inside the compound by the minors, according to judicial sources. Most of the cases transferred to the police station are assaults and robberies, although there are complaints of sexual abuse. All in all, there are many issues that have not been reported to the National Police and that have been resolved in the Casa de Campo ore center itself, a first reception space installed in the former Richard Schirrmann youth hostel and managed by the Diagram Foundation for the Councilor for Social Policies of the Community of Madrid.

Since the opening of this center, the Batn neighborhood and the Casa de Campo have been suffering a continuous wave of robberies that has been increased this summer. In addition, minors who leave the compound after reaching the age of majority are camping in the pulmn Madrid and other enclaves in the area.

The Casa de Campo first reception center for minors was set up to support that of Hortaleza, since it had an excess of ores and the arrival of more young people did not stop.

Traces of blood and clothes lying on the ground after an incident in the ...

Remains of blood and clothes thrown on the ground after an incident inside the reception center.

The length of stay of minors in the Casa de Campo should be at most three months but it is being extended to one and a half. Educators and workers ensure that security means and security guards are lacking and that the center suffers from a situation of complete chaos and insecurity. A group of about 15 shelters attack the educational personnel, break the furniture and maintain a habit of drug consumption, says the former employee, who adds that the educators have suffered physical, verbal and sexual assaults.

The situation outside the center is much worse, according to neighbors. The assaults do not stop despite the police increase in the area and the ores have extended their dates to the Prncipe Po area. The politicians are giving as a solution the police increase but the neighborhood does not want to live like this. What we want is to recover the hostel to return to live as beforepoints out David, one of the neighborhood spokespersons.

Residents are also very upset with the Social Policy Counselor, as the institution said the robberies were isolated cases. It has been seen that we were right. We warn that the Casa de Campo was not a place for this center, since its location favors that they can commit dates and flee to the building. Time is giving us reason, since above when they turn 18 they do not go and camp in the Casa de Campo, says the neighborhood representative. The only solution is to retrieve the shelter and move the ore. If this does not happen, the problem will become increasingly fat and every time you will see more serious incidents, adds the neighborhood spokesman. .

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