24 year old dies from a thrombosis


He was healthy and fit young, even coached a small local team but this failed to prevent one sudden thrombosis that killed him while he spent his days locked in the house for the lockdown, almost always sitting in front of the computer playing video games. It’s the dramatic story of Louis O’Neill, 24 year old British died in early June of venous thrombosis while at home with his parents. A story that shocked the family, as told by his father, 56-year-old Stanley Greening, who has now decided to start an information campaign to remember the importance of moving especially for those who sit for many hours, even for work.

“My son’s is one of the many hidden deaths of this lockdown “ the man told British newspapers, recalling: “It was a predictable thing. This is what hurts the most. ” After being fired and forced to stay indoors, Louis had taken refuge in the game and became less and less active. “The hours fly when they are absorbed by the screen. I’ve seen it countless times even on myself. I had pushed him out to go shopping and sold it very low but I would never have thought of a blood clot, “said the parent.

“Like many I associate it with the elderly and something we are warned about on planes. If any of us had known about the risk we could have saved him, now I will continue to spread this warning on his behalf, “said the 56-year-old. The man had realized that the son he spent many hours on the computer, sometimes all night. She had pushed him to shop a couple of times but then the 24 year old resented the reproaches and he had given up. Two weeks before his death, Louis told his father that he was not feeling well, he was thinking of food poisoning, but his condition worsened, he started complaining of pain in his leg and when his parents found him lying land on June 3 was now too late.

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