234 new infections and 9 deaths. Alert for nightlife and migrant outbreaks


Coronavirus, today’s bulletin, Sunday 12 July 2020, in Italy. There are 234 new ones infected, an increase compared to 188 yesterday. The victims are 9 (of which 8 in Lombardy), compared to 7 yesterday. The total cases rise to 243.061, the deaths to 34.954. Of the newly infected 77 are in Lombardy (32.9%) and 71 in Emilia Romagna (30.3%); 28 are registered in Calabria, the migrants landed in the Reggino area. Just 38,259 swabs were made, down from more than 45,000 yesterday, according to data from the Ministry of Health. In the last 24 hours, 18 Italian regions have not registered new coronavirus deaths. Exceptions are Lombardy with 8 victims and Abruzzo with one, according to data released by the Ministry of Health. ​The regions that have not recorded new positives are Liguria, Puglia, Friuli Venezia Giulia, Sicily, Sardinia, Valle d’Aosta and Basilicata

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Coronavirus, le terapie intensive

There are 68 positives for Covid in intensive care in Italy, one more than yesterday, the second consecutive day of slight increase, while growing by two units in Lombardy, from 29 to 31. Fourteen regions have no intensive care patients. Inpatients with symptoms are 776 (-50), those in home isolation are 12,335 (-175). Covid positive 13,179 (-124) overall. The healed are 194,928 (+349).

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Assemblies and outbreaks alarm. In general, it is the arrivals from other countries, by any means, that worry the authorities, while trying to stem the violations during the nightlife. In Rome, over 3,000 traffic police checks at the weekend, with the closure of a disco and the temporary isolation of Piazza Trilussa and Piazza Bologna, too crowded. In Argentario, in the Grosseto area, an abusive party in a villa with over 350 people was interrupted by the carabinieri who denounced two people, father and son, responsible for the mega party.

The data in Lombardy. Of the newly infected 77, they are in Lombardy (32.9%). Intensive care patients grow by two units, from 29 to 31. Of the 77 new positives 15 were discovered following serological tests and 16 were slightly positive compared to 9,545 swabs carried out. The Region communicates this in the usual daily bulletin with data on the trend of the epidemic. The healed / discharged reached 70,297 (+277) of which 68,199 healed and 2,098 discharged. The non-ICU patients dropped by 13 units to 160. 8 new deaths, bringing the total total to 16,748.

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The data in Emilia Romagna. Fifth day in a row without coronavirus deaths in Emilia-Romagna, but 71 new cases, one of the highest increases recorded in recent weeks. Of these, 48 asymptomatic people. Twenty-one new positives in the province of Modena, 18 linked to an outbreak discovered in a ham factory; 19 in that of Bologna, of which 6 attributable to the two outbreaks identified in two logistics companies, Brt and Tnt, and most of the others, explains the Region «to familiar situations already known; 11 in Ferrara, nine of which always referred to the Tnt outbreak. There are 10 new healings, 1,180 active cases (+61). Intensive care patients, ten, and hospitalized in other wards, are stable. 93. For this reason the Region will make serological tests mandatory. in the fields of logistics and meat processing.

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The data in Piedmont. Zero deaths, four new positive cases, two of which are asymptomatic. These are some of the data released by the Piedmont Region in the Coronavirus situation bulletin. The total number of patients recovered is 25,477 (+29 compared to yesterday). The total number of deaths has stopped at 4,111. The people who tested positive in Piedmont since the beginning of the epidemic are 31,498. The number (nine) of patients admitted to intensive care remains unchanged.

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The data in Veneto. There are 16 new cases of Coronavirus recorded in the last 24 hours in Veneto, according to the regional bulletin, which bring the total from the beginning of the pandemic to 19,395. The figure leads to an increase in currently positive people (408, +10 compared to yesterday), but the subjects placed in fiduciary isolation are unchanged (1,298). The negatized ones grow by 6 units, to 16,948. The number of deaths does not increase, stopping at 2,039 of which 1,435 in hospitals. No change for the hospital situation: 142 hospitalized in wards, of which 20 positive, and 9 in intensive care, of which 3 positive.

The data in Tuscany. In Tuscany there are 10,322 cases of positivity to Coronavirus, 1 more than yesterday. The new cases are 0.01% more than the total of the previous day. The healed were stable at 8,869 (85.9% of the total cases). The swabs performed reached 371,272, 2,784 more than yesterday. The currently positive are 331 today, + 0.3% compared to yesterday. Today there are no new deaths. Below are the cases of positivity in the area with the change compared to yesterday. There are 3,222 total cases to date in Florence (1 more than yesterday), 542 in Prato, 749 in Pistoia, 1,052 in Massa-Carrara, 1,362 in Lucca, 932 in Pisa, 479 in Livorno, 682 in Arezzo, 429 in Siena, 402 in Grosseto. There are 471 positive cases reported in Tuscany, but residing in other regions. Tuscany confirms its 10th place in Italy as number of cases (including residents and non-residents), with around 277 cases per 100,000 inhabitants (Italian average around 402 x100,000, yesterday’s figure). The provinces of notification with the highest rate are Massa-Carrara with 540 cases x100,000 inhabitants, Lucca with 351, Florence with 319, the lowest Livorno with 143. Overall, 320 people are in isolation at home, as they have mild symptoms which do not require hospital treatment, or are symptom-free (stable compared to yesterday). There are 708 (minus 71 compared to yesterday, minus 9.1%) people, also isolated, in active surveillance because they have had contact with infected people (ASL Centro 458, Nord Ovest 180, Sud Est 70).

The data in Umbria. There are two new Covid cases registered in Umbria on the last day, 1,450 in total. On the other hand, the healed pass from 1,355 to 1,366. The deceased remained stable at 80. Therefore, the currently positive ones rise from 13 to 14. It emerges from the picture on the Region website. Four remain hospitalized, none in intensive care. In the last 24 hours 647 swabs have been performed, 106,030 in all.

The data in Lazio. To date there are 913 positive cases in Covid-19 in Lazio, of these 704 are in home isolation. While 209 people are hospitalized, including 12 in intensive care. Finally, 844 people died and 6,557 recovered. A total of 8,314 cases were examined. The Lazio Region announced this.

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The data in Friuli Venezia Giulia. «The results of 50 swabs from the 272 tests carried out in Monfalcone are still missing, but the only positive case reported yesterday remains registered. The remaining results will be announced tomorrow ». This was stated by the deputy governor with responsibility for Health and Civil Protection, Riccardo Riccardi, confirming that there are 113 people currently positive for coronavirus in Friuli Venezia Giulia. No patient is undergoing intensive care and two are hospitalized in other wards. No new deaths were recorded (345 in total). Analyzing the overall data since the beginning of the epidemic, the people tested positive for the virus are 3,335: 1,405 in Trieste, 1001 in Udine, 710 in Pordenone and 219 in Gorizia. There were 2,878 totally healed, 33 clinically healed and 77 people in isolation. 196 died in Trieste, 75 in Udine, 68 in Pordenone and 6 in Gorizia.

The data in Campania. Three new cases of coronavirus emerged today in Campania from the analysis of 1,212 swabs. The total number of positive cases in Campania since the beginning of the coronavirus emergency is 4,772, while the swabs analyzed are 302,889. No deaths related to coronavirus have been recorded in the last 24 hours in Campania: it is the twelfth consecutive day without deaths. The total of the deceased is 432. The healed remain 4,094, all totally healed.

Data in Calabria. «In Calabria to date 103,000 swabs have been made. People who tested positive for Coronavirus are 1,216 (+28 compared to yesterday), negative ones are 101,810 ». It can be read in the bulletin of the Calabria Region. «Territorially – he continues – the positive cases are distributed as follows: Catanzaro: 1 in the ward; 1 in home isolation; 183 healed; 33 deceased. Cosenza: 1 in home isolation; 434 healed; 34 deceased. Reggio Calabria: 3 in the ward; 19 in home isolation; 256 healed; 19 deceased. Crotone: 3 in home isolation; 112 healed; 6 deceased. Vibo Valentia: 3 in home isolation; 77 healed; 5 deceased ». Further on, the bulletin explains: «From the screening conducted on 70 migrants who landed yesterday in Roccella Ionica, 26 positive subjects were intercepted by the Asp laboratory in Reggio Calabria. Of these: 13 were received in the Municipality of Amantea (Cs), 8 in the Municipality of Bova Marina and 5 in Roccella Ionica (Rc), in dedicated structures, specifically identified by the Prefecture ». The total of the cases of Catanzaro, we still read, “includes subjects from other structures and provinces who have been discharged over time. The deceased persons are indicated in the province of origin and not in the province in which the death occurred. Since the last survey, the total number of people who have registered on the portal of the Calabria Region to communicate their presence on the regional territory is 6,334 “. In the count, the bulletin concludes, “the two patients from Bergamo transferred to Catanzaro are also included, while the numbers of the infection received after the communication of the data to the National Civil Protection are not included”.

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