23-year-old accused of threatening Minister Hanegbi, Prime Minister and Knesset members …


An indictment was filed today (Monday) against a 23-year-old Netanya resident after he sent a message to Minister Tzahi Hanegbi in a widget for sending messages in which he threatened to harm him and all members of the Knesset. During his interrogation, he added and threatened Hanegbi, Knesset members and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Meanwhile, after the interrogation of a 46-year-old Petah Tikva resident on suspicion of threatening spokesman Avichai Mandelblit – the indictment against him was filed in court.

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Following his statements against Netanyahu and Hanegbi, the young man was interrogated with a warning and was arrested at the end of his interrogation. The investigation file in his case was transferred to the police prosecution that filed an indictment against him in the Magistrate’s Court in Rishon Lezion.

On Tuesday, Homeland Security Minister Amir Ohana attacked Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit, claiming that he was not doing enough about the threats to Prime Minister Netanyahu and his family. “You do not take seriously my appeal regarding the growing threats to the lives of the prime minister and his family,” Ohana wrote. “Your decision to file an indictment against Netanyahu – this is not a fight for life or death.”

Threatened to harm all Knesset members. archives | Photo: Oliveir Fitoussi, Flash 90

Ohana opened by saying that “from your smug letter, it appears that you do not take my appeal regarding the growing threats to the life of the prime minister and his family seriously. “Your intervention to prevent him from being able to obtain financing for the legal expenses that he imposed on him – when you are in a conflict of interest is built into the fact that you are the accuser and the prosecutor seeking to have him convicted.”

Ohana further claimed that “we are dealing with the law of souls, in the most literal sense: in the already tumultuous public arena, there are now explicit calls for the assassination of the prime minister and his family. These are blatant and explicit calls.”

Amir Ohana
“Mandelblit does not take the threats against Netanyahu seriously.” Ohana | Photo: Olivier FitoussiFlash90

The Minister of Internal Security gave examples of incitement against Netanyahu. “According to the publications this week, a man named ‘Eitan Ido’, one of the participants in the demonstrations against the Prime Minister, announced in the WhatsApp group that ‘… each of the demonstrators is ready to be the victim for the state and to be Higal Amir and the executor of the elimination of Bibi.’ Another person named ‘Menashe Ofer’ wrote: “Walla is right, Bibi should be brought down as they were taken down by Rabin …” “.

“In your letter you do not specify at all what will be done in the cases I mentioned,” Ohana wrote. “Has an investigation been opened? Have detainees been arrested? What is the legal source of the authority you have given yourself to decide when the police will open an investigation into an offense of incitement to violence? Can you refer to the sections of the law?”

In conclusion, Ohana stressed: “As far as measures are taken, investigations are opened, detainees are arrested – this must be published for the sake of seeing and seeing. The wild incitement gives the impression that ‘there is no law and no justice.’ We are not fighting for life or death. ”

The one who threatens him will also go to court. Spokesman Mandelblit | Photo: Olivier Fitoussi Flash90

Meanwhile, after the investigation of a 46-year-old man, a resident of Petah Tikva in the cyber unit in Lahav 433, was completed, an indictment was filed against him for threatening Attorney General Mandelblit. The investigation revealed that the suspect arrived near the counselor’s house a few weeks ago, threatening to harm him again.

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