2020 car incentives: 3,500 euros for 6 euros with scrapping


Bonus for petrol, diesel or hybrid cars with emissions up to 110 grams of CO2, halved without scrapping, with a price of up to 40 thousand euros net of VAT

Green light to incentives of up to € 3,500 for those who buy a car € 6. The Budget Committee of the Chamber has approved an amendment to the Relaunch decree which provides for a state bonus of € 1,500, provided on the condition that the dealer makes a discount of at least others 2,000 euros in the event of scrapping a car of at least 10 years. The incentive is halved without scrapping. The 6 euro car incentives are valid for purchases between August 1 and December 31, 2020, in the case of petrol, diesel or hybrid cars with a price of up to 40 thousand euros net of VAT and CO2 emissions between 61 g / km and 110 g / km.

The new incentives

The 6 euro car incentives were the result of a long convergence around the amendments signed Pd, Iv and Leu, which were also supported by the opposition, which originally came to envisage a contribution of up to 4 thousand euro. Already before the announcement, the Minister of Economic Development, Stefano Patuanelli, had thought of anticipating the green light to the provision: “There will be an approval in these hours of an amendment to the Dl Relaunch with an incentive to scrapping cars”. The government’s intention was clearly to combine the euro 6 car incentives with the Ecobonuses already in force. Indeed, for the last 5 months of 2020, the contribution for hybrid and electric vehicles is strengthened, which increases by 4 thousand euros in case of scrapping and 2 thousand without. The Pd amendment to the Automotive Relaunch decree provides for this, reformulated and approved by the Budget Committee. In detail, in case of scrapping, the incentive for cars with emissions between 0 and 20 grams per km of CO2, now at 6 thousand euros, therefore rises to 10 thousand euros (of which 2 thousand paid by the seller), while for vehicles with emissions between 21 and 60 grams per km go from the current 2500 euros to 6500 euros. The latter provide for a contribution of 4,000 euros which reaches 6,000 euros in the event of scrapping if you buy a car with CO2 emissions from 0 to 20 g / km, or a bonus of 1,500 euros to which is added another one from 1,000 euro in case of scrapping, in the case of a new car with CO2 emissions between 21 and 60 g / km. If Germany, less penalized by the lock down in sales, has made a choice totally aimed at incentivizing the electric car, Italy with the euro 6 car incentives thus aligns itself in substance with the measures envisaged by France. From 1 June, a support plan for the purchase of new cars has been in force, which provides for a bonus of up to € 7,000 intended for electric cars within the price limit of € 45,000, but also incentives for vehicles for € 2,000. plug-in hybrids. In combination, the French executive also provided 3,000 euros of support for the latest generation of Euro 6D petrol or diesel cars, designed to dispose of the stocks of transalpine dealers. A phenomenon that in our country is taking on worrying characteristics

In an emergency

Approval in the Budget Committee represents a decisive step not only to solicit sales with the state incentive tool, but rather to shore up an entire commercial system. “The financial situation of many dealers is highly critical, there are about 500,000 unsold cars in stock”, this is the figure remembered by Gian Primo Quagliano, president of the Promotor Study Center, shared by all operators in the sector and above all symbolic, if compared to the 583,960 cars registered in the first half of the year. These paradoxical parameters have usefully led to an assessment that goes beyond the momentary utilities that come to the sector from the launch of a euro 6 petrol, diesel or bride car incentive plan. The 6 euro car incentives in fact also represent the ideal “bridge measure” towards different objectives and engines. In order to guarantee Ecobonus policies that reward only rechargeable electric and hybrid models in the future, it was not possible today to disregard an initiative that would put the sales network in the area back on track, the solidity of the individual companies and the over 40,000 jobs declared previously at risk.

TIMES and funds

Now the ball goes to the Montecitorio classroom, which awaits the start of the general discussion for Monday 6 July, with the prospect that the government will place its trust, also to adapt to rather tight technical times which foresee 8 July as the maximum limit. for the vote also in the Senate, and on July 18 for the definitive entry into force. Beyond this date, the question of the effective application of the euro 6 car incentives is projected, linked to technical times and implementation rules, but also to the finding of financial coverage, which the first projections indicate in the figure of about 800 million euro. To guarantee it, the relaunch decree would not be enough, but a government initiative in the direction of a budget variance, or authorization by vote to raise the public debt, could be needed.

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