200 hall owners blocked access to the Knesset


The owners of the halls and event gardens held the “Black Canopy Protest” this morning (Sunday) in protest against the compensation outline that is expected to pass in the Knesset. About 200 hall owners blocked access to the Knesset in the last hour through a huge black canopy.

After the owners of the ballrooms managed in recent months with the Israeli government in order to find a solution to their difficult distress, they met this morning with the Ministry of Finance to hold the “Black Canopy Protest.” The events industry has been closed for over 5 months and the outline offered to them so far does not cover their regular monthly expenses that they are required to deal with on their own such as rent, management fees, maintenance and more.

For this reason, this morning the hall owners decided to protest by placing black canopies which symbolize the grief and economic and mental losses they have been experiencing in recent months. In addition, the decision to hold the demonstration this morning is against the background of the planned vote this week on an economic outline that will fatally damage the industry and lead to its final collapse.

The events industry currently numbers about 150,000 workers who find themselves in economic collapse and below the poverty line and unable to support themselves and their families, and in addition do not know if they will have a business they can return to.

Ami Cohen, owner of the Sey Hall, said: “We are the only ones who have not worked here for over 5 months and meanwhile are closing and opening and closing us without any outline. The government does not talk to us while we only hear stories about money. We are self-employed paying taxes for years. us.”

Uri Potschnik, owner of Xandu Hall, said: “You took our enterprise alive, even though we were never a burden on the country. You took our only way to make a living. Until now we have sat quietly because we are not violators, but the government has left us no choice. “But to show strength, because that’s the only language they understand. If we do not find a suitable solution today, we will demonstrate non-stop in the coming month. We do not want alms from anyone, just a decent outline that will prevent the deletion of the entire industry.”

Hall owners’ protest in Jerusalem. Photo: Without credit
Hall owners’ protest in Jerusalem. Photo: Without credit

Hall owners’ protest in Jerusalem. Photo: Without credit

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