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1Mobile, virtual mobile operator under Vodafone network, has decided to extend its current portfolio of tariff offers until 30 July 2020, including 75XPlus Reward which offers a total of 100 Giga from the third month.

75XPlus Reward provides unlimited minutes to all national fixed and mobile numbers for the first month and for the first renewal, 50 SMS per month to all national numbers e 75 Giga per month of mobile internet traffic at 9.99 euros per month.

Starting from the third month, the offer becomes unlimited minutes to all national fixed and mobile numbers, 50 SMS to all national numbers and 100 Giga of mobile internet traffic a 7.99 euros per month.

There is an activation fee of 10 euros. The offer 75XPlus Reward it also provides consumption tariffs for international calls and can be activated by all new customers with or without portability, except for those coming from Vodafone.

They continue until 30 July 2020, except for any other extensions, also all other operator offers.

All offers can be also used in EU Roaming under the same national conditions as regards the minutes and SMS included and with a monthly limit for data traffic every month.

In case of exceeding minutes or SMS inclusive the consumption rate will be applied. In the event of exceeding the maximum threshold of available data, the customer will browse according to consumption at a cost of 50 euro cents per 100 MB, in advance steps of 100Kb.

1Mobile is an Italian virtual operator on the market also with the brand Carrefour UnoMobile, which from 17 September 2018 also provides for surfing the net 4G LTE from Vodafone up to 60 Mbps for all its new and already customers.


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