1977 New patients were diagnosed in the last day – news in Israel


Ministry of Health inspectors enforce corona restrictions

Ministry of Health inspectors enforce corona restrictionsPhoto: Ministry of Health

In the last day, 1,977 new corona patients have been diagnosed in Israel. As of this morning (Wednesday) there are 31,313 active patients.

The condition of 259 patients is severely defined. 82 respirators. 430 people died in Israel after contracting the virus.

Earlier, the Ministry of Health issued new guidelines for exiting the isolation of verified corona patients. Among other things, it was decided to shorten the isolation period following current information, according to which the risk of becoming infected with a patient nine days after symptoms began to appear is low.

International organizations have also updated their recommendations on the duration of isolation of a verified patient.

A verified corona patient will be defined as recovering if ten days have passed since the onset of symptoms and an additional three days without symptoms. The minimum time will be 13 days, without the need for a recovery test.

According to the new guidelines, in the case of a patient with symptoms whose onset is known: Once 10 days have passed since the onset of symptoms, and at least another three days without symptoms, he may see himself exempt from isolation without the need for further examination.

Patients with symptoms unknown when they started: A patient will be considered recovering 10 days after receiving the last positive result and provided that at least three days have passed since the symptoms disappeared – without a second examination.

Asymptomatic patients: In the case of asymptomatic patients, i.e. only infected carriers, they can automatically get out of isolation as soon as 10 days have passed from the moment the last positive result was received, without additional conditions.

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