12,127 tests and 1,044 new verified from yesterday


Currently there are: 310 patients with a defined condition and 96 respirators

Along with tensions on the northern border, the Ministry of Health continues to update on the state of the corona. Currently, according to the publications of the Ministry of Health (Monday) there are:
63,581 verified from the outbreak of the plague.
310 patients whose condition is defined as severe.
96 respirators.
474 died in the aggregate from the outbreak of the plague.

Meanwhile in a summary of the last 24 hours updated in the system:
1,044 new verified yesterday.
12,127 test results obtained yesterday.

Ministry of Health

Meanwhile, Soroka Hospital is updating today on the condition of its patients, which currently has 36 patients:
20 in severe condition (eight of them respirated), 8 in moderate condition and 8 in mild condition.

Dr. Uri Galanta, a senior physician in the Corona Intensive Care Unit: “In the last month and a half, we have been experiencing a steady increase in the number of patients in the hospital and an increase in the hospital beds of Corona patients. It is seen in a number of patients younger than the previous wave, and in more severe patients.
“Compared to March-April, the hospital is currently operating at full capacity together with the treatment of Corona patients, which creates a greater burden on the system.”

Prof. Victor Novak, Director of the Corona Department at Soroka: Starting two weeks ago, we have expanded the Corona units at Soroka. The corona ward is now ready to receive 54 patients and the corona intensive care unit is ready to receive 24 patients. In addition, a hospital for the absorption of corona patients was held, as needed, at additional sites. We now have more knowledge and experience in treating the corona virus in different medical approaches depending on the patient’s condition.
We all have a civic responsibility in adhering to the guidelines of the Ministry of Health. The staff at the Soroka and Corona wards are prepared in accordance with the guidelines of the Ministry of Health in providing a safe medical response to patients. ”

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