110% bonus, can you ask from today? But how? Slip risk


The. Has arrived fateful 1st July, the date that marks the start of some bonuses introduced by the Relaunch decree, including the bonus 110%. Can you ask from today? What are the rules for i jobs started earlier and what changes from today?

The relaunch decree introduced the 110% bonus. Many knots remain to be resolved pending the conversion law. The list of facilitated jobs is missing (with differentiation between the driving and twin towed jobs) and there are many technical aspects to be defined regarding the credit assignment.

Technically from today you can start paying the costs for the facilitated works but among operators and home owners there are still many doubts on how to proceed. There are those who await the conversion law and who in the meantime started by giving up 110%. The squeeze on the second houses now seems definitively loosened but, it would seem, only on a second property in addition to the first house.

In short, as you can easily guess many conditions that make the idea of ​​how well, although the bonus is operational, the doubts remain many today.

The main difference is that so far the works could have started but now theoretically they could also start paying. Why theoretically? Because in any case the risk would be that of not proceeding according to the correct procedure. So is it better to wait? To date, the 110% bonus, which was due to start on July 1st, is operational only on paper. But how long are we talking about?

According to the latest rumors, the idea of ​​the government would be to intervene on the 110% bonus with a single amending provision. This could further lengthen the time for the conversion of the law. The government seems willing to wait for the latter before issue the implementing decrees.

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