100% Iliad bonus recharge, the new SMS scam


There is no peace for mobile phone users, constantly targeted by scam attempts and real scams. The latest in order of time, reported in these hours by several users, “exploits” the Iliad brand, fourth mobile operator, promising completely free fake top-ups.

Yet another scam

The goal is of course that common to most scams of this type: to steal money from the credit cards of unsuspecting unfortunates, who in this case are misled by the name, above all suspicions, of the telephone company.

This is always, in general, the technique used by scammers, who exploit the recognition and credibility of a brand to trick users and take possession of their personal data (including those of their credit cards).

From a sms to the fake site

Everything starts with an sms, which reads: “Iliad: if you reload Iliad directly online gives you 100% bonus“. So, the invitation is to click on a link, which refers to a bogus company website where to recharge. The promotion, warned in the message to entice the user to continue, is valid only for 48 hours.

The site to which you are referred, accessible at the address offerta-iliad.it, has nothing to do with that of Iliad (that is http://www.iliad.it), but it looks like it: it is easy, therefore, to fall into the trap.

At that point, the victim comes required to log in, by entering their user ID and password, a procedure which, moreover, each mobile phone customer is accustomed to carrying out in order to access their personal page on the website of their operator.

Once logged in, the “heart” of the scam arrives: the user is in fact invited to recharge, by entering the data of your credit card, which will instead be used to “clean up” the card of the victim with a shower of credits.

Needless to say, there is no Iliad promotion which, in exchange for an online top-up, gives another one: users are therefore invited to pay close attention. All the more so given that the domain of the site in question, which contains the company name, and its layout very similar to the original, could easily mislead.

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