Zuckerberg defends himself on Trump, ‘difficult decision’ – World


It is stormy over Mark Zuckerberg. Facebook’s number one said he was “disgusted” by Donald Trump’s comments on protests for George Floyd but refused to speak on the president’s posts censored by Twitter. And among its employees, a riot broke out: the public criticism of some managers was followed by the virtual protest of the workers, who crossed their arms in the middle of the working day to show their anger. Mark Zuckerberg defends his decision not to intervene on Donald Trump’s posts on protests for George Floyd. During a video call with Facebook employees, Zuckerberg talks about a “difficult” but “thorough” decision. “I knew I should put my personal opinion aside, aware that decisions like this would upset many within the company and attract criticism from the media,” “says Zuckerberg according to New York Times reports.


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