Zarate case, Lotito in action: complaints ready


ROME – From TV to the court. The answer is a complaint, Lazio will present it in the coming days, is being defined. Sara Lotito to bring Zarate and the people Ruzzi in courtrooms, he basically shouted “denounce everyone” by issuing a statement on Monday. There would also be a legal action against the company lawyers against “Hyenas“, A broadcast that collected the accusations from the Argentine agent. Yesterday, 24 hours after the airing of the service on Italia 1, a new statement from the president of Lazio was expected. In the end he decided not to issue it, the notes released between Monday and Tuesday remained valid and he will take legal action, it is confirmed. The only statements he released Arturo Diaconale, responsible for the company’s communication, speaking on Radio Punto Nuovo. Whether or not he was in official capacity, it doesn’t matter, he spoke offury against Lotito. I have the impression that we want to hit him at any cost and Lazio with him “. The reference is undoubtedly to the media fire that has been unleashed in recent weeks, to which has been added the Zarate case reopened by the transmission “Le Iene”. In defense of Lazio, first of all, the fans lined up, furious with Maurito. They took the field (or rather in the city) on the night between Tuesday and Wednesday, protested peacefully by displaying banners in Rome and its province. One appeared all‘Olympic: “Lazio can’t be touched!” The same words, written in large letters, appeared on sheets unrolled in Piazza della Libertà, the original headquarters of Lazio, in Portonaccio, at Infernetto. The written «Lazio cannot be touched!» it even popped up on the LEDs of some Roman buses. The photos are bounced from social media. Protest messages were sent to “Le Iene” asking “Further details on other clubs”.

Lazio, Tare: “We don’t sell Milinkovic”

The cause

Complaints for the Lazio they would be linked to an alleged extortion attempt (obviously not the transmission), they will also serve to dismantle the tax evasion charges launched by Ruzzi. In the service of “Le Iene”, through the declarations of the agent and the Argentine, alludes to black payments or tax evasion compared to the commission of 15 million paid by Lazio to the company Pluriel Limited, it was an operation parallel to the purchase of the player from theAl Sadd (it came for a 20 million clause payment). The defensive line will be based on several points: groundlessness of the evasion, contributory and non-tax, and extraneousness to the Pluriel-Moisen relationship. Moisen, an Uruguayan company close to Sergio Zarate, Maurito’s brother, according to Ruzzi’s story in “Le Iene” is the company to which the money of the famous commission would have been transferred, according to the accusations a disguised salary for Maurito. Ruzzi and Zarate hope in the investigations of the Federal Prosecutor’s Office and in the interest of the ordinary judiciary. […]

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Lazio, Diaconal in defense of Lotito

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