Zangrillo and the “second wave”: “I am not Nostradamus, but I observe reality”


The second wave of the coronavirus it may not be there“To say it is Professor Alberto Zangrillo, director of the General Anesthesia and Resuscitation Unit of the San Raffaele Hospital in Milan during an intervention on the television program Fourth Republic conducted by Nicola Porro.

A wave of good news. The distinguished professor of San Raffaele claims that the Covid-19 emergency ended with denying the possibility of a second wave taken into account for next autumn. “I’m not Nostradamus, I don’t have the magic sphere. It’s like saying that in Sant’Ambrogio in Milan it will snow. – declares –We imagine that the second cannot exist: we know that the Betacoronaviruses that we have known previously have not done damage in the autumn. Hopefully this particularly annoying Betacoronavirus will behave the same way. Nobody can tell, the virus has already surprised us once, we hope it will do so positively in the autumn “.

As early as yesterday, the head physician had ” buried ” the virus: “From a clinical point of view it no longer exists. I put the signature on it”. But his words have not received the approval of some virological colleagues, among them, the professor Ilaria Capua which seems to be of a completely different opinion. But many others have sided with him. “I simply told the truth, I said that what all the reanimators and all the clinicians of Italy observe and that is that the clinical evidence, the disease caused by the virus, is non-existent. – explains Zangrillo – This has caused a sensation, someone is probably sorry. I did not say that the virus is mutated, it has not mutated. I did not say that it has faded or is non-existent, I have observed what happens, then I do not know whose merit it is.“. Today, he explains again:”We see other numbers, positive numbers, which prove us right and say that we are probably winning our battle. Today I smiled when Professor Capua, in interpreting my statements, said that ‘no, it is not the virus but we who have done better’. Okay, it may be that we have done better. So I invoke all the guys who are listening to us: do it for me, keep on being good, put on your mask for a while, because if things get worse, I am done out, so please do it for me “.

In recent months, there has been much discussion about the management of the Covid-19 emergency in our hospitals. In the sights of the detractors, the Lombardy Region ended up there above all, the nefarious outbreak of the virus in Italy. Zangrillo does not even send them to the government’s scientific-technical committee: “I have the utmost respect from the scientific and technical committee, some clarifications personally seemed indigestible to me, especially when there seemed to be a clear division between scientists and those who are poor clinicians or poor hospital virologists – he claims – In recent months, Italy has shown great maturity: we have had an excellent national health system, the pinnacle of this excellence we have touched in Lombardy“And again, he concludes:”I am happy that after Sileri is there, we had a great identity with him “. What he did, on the clinically disappeared virus,” are affirmations that I endorse and I have the duty to do it “.

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