“Zanardi was filming the landscape with his mobile phone”. The fatal distraction told by the witness


“Zanardi was filming the landscape with his mobile phone”. According to a testimony, reported today by Il Messaggero, it was this fatal distraction that caused the serious accident in which the champion was involved. An imprudence that would have led Alex Zanardi not to notice the invasion of the opposite lane and the consequent collision with the truck.

In the video showing the accident he was filming with a mobile phone, writes Il Messaggero, while the video was acquired by the prosecutor of Siena who investigates the race without permits and escort and who has already sent a warranty notice to the driver of the truck against which the sportsman crashed into.

A video and a supertestone speak of an imprudence that could have cost dear to Alex Zanardi, the Paralympic champion, ex Formula 1 driver finished in Resuscitation in Siena, very serious, after the collision with a truck on the provincial 146 between Pienza and San Quirico d ‘Orcia.

He is a cyclist from Sinalunga who ran by his side on Friday afternoon just when the impact occurred, confirming what has already been recorded in a shot by a freelance cameraman passionate about racing and food and wine circuits who followed the two athletes on board a Golf convertible a short distance away. These are images, just under a minute of footage that would exonerate the truck driver from serious responsibilities, already acquired by the prosecutor at the hands of the police and immediately put on record.

“He wanted to take the view while running,” said the witness. Hence the fatal distraction and the crash.

“I saw Alex gliding over me, crashing on the road and then landing until he rolled into a ditch, it seemed like a spear that had sprung off after bouncing on the hit object,” Sinalunga’s witness told the group of friends.

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