Zanardi, the bulletin: ” Serious neurological picture. Possible damage to vision “


” There may also be consequences for the eyesight and therefore we also asked the ophthalmologists for advice because there is also some eye injury ” is the most relevant news regarding the conditions of Alex Zanardi, which emerges from the afternoon medical bulletin.

Stable cardiorespiratory conditions. The health point of the afternoon on Alex Zanardi, still very serious in hospital in Siena after the terrible, starts from a small certainty accident while on his handbike in Tuscany. After the revelations of this morning’s bulletin, now the concern of the champion from Bologna is a concern, a complication that emerged from the professor’s latest statements Sabino Scolletta, director of the Urgency Emergency Department of the Sienese Aou: ” The conditions continue to be stable from a cardiorespiratory point of view, it is always mechanically ventilated and also the metabolic parameters remain stable. The clinical picture is therefore all in all good “.

The risk of eye damage

At the moment it is still difficult to unbalance: “There is of course to confirm the gravity of the neurological picture, and this will have to be assessed in the next week when conditions permit – added the doctor – The patient is therefore stable but still neurologically serious. There may also be consequences for the eyesight and therefore we also asked the ophthalmologists for advice because there is some also eye injury. Trauma is also facial, and therefore there are likely to be injuries of that type. We will have eye estimates in a few days. Same thing at the neurological level, the sedatives do not allow us to be able to make a neurological evaluation, the picture is so compromised that it requires a drug therapy to give stability. Difficult to say even when we could remove this sedation. In the event of stability, it is likely that next week, after hearing from our consultants and the surgeon who operated on it, we will be able to suspend sedation. “

The point

Zanardi was conducted in intensive care around 10 p.m. yesterday evening after a neurosurgery lasting about three hours for craniectomy. During the night in intensive care, they gradually stabilized also in an important way. The hemodynamic and cardiovascular parameters are stable and require minimal pharmacological support. Respiratory parameters are similarly stable, in the norm. It is of course an intubated patient, connected to a mechanical fan and well adapted to mechanical ventilation. Unfortunately, the neurological picture is very serious and conditions of gravity and uncertainty persist. He is a sedated patient, in induced coma and for this reason it is not possible to evaluate it from a neurological point of view if not in the next few days and for this reason it remains in a reserved prognosis. The conditions of the sample remain serious, especially from the neurological point of view, but stable. The response of Zanardi’s physique to yesterday’s delicate surgery was good, although the doctors at the moment are worried about possible damage to his eyes and nasal septum that could create breathing problems.

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