Zanardi, new bulletin: stable conditions but it is feared that he will lose his sight


Alex is stable, but the neurological picture remains serious

of ITASportPress editorial staff

New medical bulletin to know the health of the unfortunate Alex Zanardi after yesterday’s accident on his handbike. The former F1 driver underwent a delicate neurosurgical and maxillofacial surgery which lasted about three hours, and ended around 10 pm on Saturday evening. Immediately thereafter, he was taken to the intensive care unit of the same hospital, where he is now. Its conditions, after the night, are stable, but remain very serious. The confirmation came from the latest medical bulletin of the Santa Maria alle Scotte hospital in Siena: “Cardiorespiratory conditions are stable, it is always mechanically ventilated and even the metabolic parameters remain stable. The clinical picture is therefore all in all good, “said Professor Sabino Scolletta, director of the emergency-urgency department. “There may also be consequences for the eyesight and therefore we also asked the ophthalmologists for advice because there is also some eye injury. Trauma is also facial, and therefore there are likely to be injuries of that type. We will have eye estimates in a few days. Same thing at the neurological level, the sedatives do not allow us to be able to make a neurological evaluation, the picture is so compromised that it requires a drug therapy to give stability. Difficult to say even when we could remove this sedation. In the event of stability, it is likely that next week, after hearing from our consultants and the surgeon who operated on it, we will be able to suspend sedation ”




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