Zanardi: legs amputated and seven cardiac arrests. So he was born again and won


He was convinced, we were all convinced that every account was paid. Seven cardiac arrests, extreme unction imparted, legs amputated after that accident at Lausitzring of September 15, 2001 which still hurts. He had less than a liter of blood in his body. Enough to treasure it, to make it flow, to transform it into a gas of its own. Alessandro Zanardi: so always. A force of nature, a show of humanity. Wrought? But it goes there. Lively and ready, a few hours after coming out of a coma, from an operation that would have turned his life around, to study prostheses, to imagine how to do it, how to continue walking, running, enjoying every moment of life because living, as always repeats a marvel. Fatigue: always. With a formidable coach at his side. Daniela, his wife, both tough and reserved, a decisive, rational, ironic life partner. Able to show him the beauty and direction of each climb.


Alex Zanardi: Hamilton’s foot, dignity, noodles and the philosophy of life. His famous phrases
I think positive

Perhaps its energy comes precisely from suffering. From what fatigue, in fact, returns. He lost his sister Cristina, the victim of a road accident; in 1993, when he switched to Lotus after two years in F1 and crashed out of Eau Rouge, Spa, with frightening violence. He recovered quickly of course, willing to drive again and smile at himself with the capillaries of his jumped eyes. A look, a horror movie expression. He lost his place because even in racing, if you stumble, it is difficult for someone to wait for you. The fact that Zanardi can’t stop him doesn’t know how to do it. Reacts, pull straight. And went to America, found the way, the rhythm, the usual heart. An overtaking at the Laguna Seca corkscrew, from debutant in 1996 that a definitive poster, pairs with that of Valentino, the same place. A flash of sublime gambling. Like Gilles and Arnoux in Dijon, 1979; like Senna and Mansell in Spain, 1991.

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