Zanardi is stable, but there is a little more hope


FLORENCE – Stable, but with some more hope. Still in a pharmacological coma, the Paralympic champion Alex Zanardi, 53 years old Zanardi spent the night in conditions of stability. “The night between Sunday and Monday has passed quietly, we are confident. The path will not be short, we will need time”. Sabino Scolletta, the head of the emergency-urgency of the hospital of Siena, Sabino Scolletta said this, speaking to Agorà, broadcast on Rai 3. Scolletta explained that “the cardiovascular, respiratory and metabolic parameters are good”, but “it serves caution, the change could be sudden “. Already today the doctors, gathered in a multidisciplinary team, will begin to make the necessary assessments to decide if it is possible in the next few days to suspend sedation to check the neurological picture. The condition of stability of the clinical conditions is decisive.After the second serious accident of his life which took place on Friday afternoon 19 June while he was participating in the Objective 3 relay race along road 146 near Pienza, in the Sienese area. Steering, Zanardi ended up on the other track and collided with a truck. The specimen had a facial polytrauma and underwent a delicate head neurosurgery. It could have serious eye damage.


Alex Zanardi overwhelmed in a handbike: he is very serious. After the surgery, he is in intensive care

He is now in a pharmacological coma assisted with artificial ventilation in the intensive care of the university hospital of Santa Maria alle Scotte di Siena. Doctors will evaluate in the coming days whether to stop or decrease sedation to assess neurological damage. But, continues Scolletta, “The brain needs rest”. However, every day that is passing is a good sign despite the seriousness of the situation.Beside him, his wife Daniela who rescued him as soon as the accident occurred, and his 22 year old son Niccolò who was only three years old when his father lost his legs in the first terrible accident of 2001 when he was only 35 years old and considered himself a lucky man.

Zanardi is stable, but there is a little more hope

Alex Zanardi’s wife, Daniela, while leaving the Policlinico di Siena



Today as then, Daniela’s strength: “Operate it only if there is hope”

Various hypotheses are under consideration regarding the causes of the accident. It seems out of the question that the champion had a cell phone in his hand for filming. Still in shock the truck driver who failed to avoid it.

The next medical bulletin is scheduled for today at 12 noon.

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