Zanardi drama. Prof. Scolletta: “There is cautious optimism. The neurological picture is serious”


New updates from the Scotte di Siena, where he is in a pharmacological coma Alex Zanardi. Interviewed by Sky, doctor Sabino Scolletta, director of the emergency-urgency department, provides the latest news: “When we welcomed him yesterday, the cardio-respiratory conditions were rather unstable. Unfortunately, the trauma caused a major brain injury, which had cardio-respiratory repercussions. During the night the conditions stabilized and for about fifteen hours the cardio-circulatory parameters remain stable, like the respiratory ones, which makes us express a cautious optimism. The fact remains that it is a patient in serious neurological conditions, who is intubated: it is well adapted to mechanical ventilation, however the systemic parameters fall within the normal range. This is why there is cautious optimism. The neurological picture remains serious, on which it is difficult to unbalance ”.

Will you consider a possible awakening early next week?
“It is possible and probable. Everything will depend on the clinical picture: a head injury can also have a sudden evolution, we do not wish it in any way. If the conditions should remain so and if in the first days of next week the conditions will allow us we could, with a collegiate decision, begin to consider reducing sedation “.

There may be damage to vision
“It could occur as soon as the conditions allow to evaluate it, because the facial trauma was significant: there was an injury to the orbits, the optic nerves may have been involved in the impact. At the moment it is not possible to define what could be the type of visual injury that it could have: ”


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