Zanardi, directed from Siena: stable conditions, severe neurological picture


SIENA – From 6 p.m. on Friday, Alex Zanardi he is hospitalized in very serious conditions at the polyclinic Santa Maria alle Scotte di Siena. The Bolognese Paralympic champion was participating in a handbike at the “Obiettivo tricolore” relay, an initiative dedicated to the restart of Italy after the emergency for the coronavirus epidemic, when he lost control of the vehicle and is ended up against a truck going in the opposite direction along the provincial road 146, in the municipality of Pienza.

Handbike accident, serious Alex Zanardi

A devastating impact, the former Formula 1 driver was immediately taken to the hospital, where he underwent a delicate neurosurgical intervention and subsequently transferred to intensive care. Many messages of solidarity and support arrived in the last hours for a champion admired by all.

He now has stable hemodynamic and metabolic parameters, is intubated and supported by artificial ventilation, “but the neurological picture remains serious“, as explained by the Aou Senese Health Department in the bulletin on Saturday evening. In the meantime investigations by law enforcement agencies continue to determine the causes of the accident and verify the safety conditions of the race. will follow the day with minute-by-minute live updates

The evolution of yesterday

14.15 The words of the mayor of Siena

Luigi De Mossi, mayor of Siena, is following Alex Zanardi’s conditions closely: “He is a champion, but his whole family is a champion. For the dignity with which they reacted we can say that they are great champions. We gave logistic support to his wife, I wanted to bring the proximity of Siena. She is happy and confident with the work done by the doctors“. (HERE the complete article)

13.55 The homage of the cyclists in front of the hospital

Near the hospital where Alex Zanardi is hospitalized, a group of cyclists attacked the message “Forza Alex Zanardi” on a signpost. A way to make the champion feel close to him in this difficult moment.

13.05 Scolletta: “The more time passes the more hope there is”

Compared to when Alex Zanardi arrived in the emergency room, conditions have really changed. The positive thing is that the more time passes and the conditions remain stable, this gives us hope“. He said it Sabino Scolletta, director of the emergency emergency department of the Santa Maria delle Scotte hospital in Siena. “It means – said Scolletta – that there is no step back and this gives us great confidence. We are confident as yesterday. We are two days after the trauma, we trust that the clinical conditions will remain stable and this can give us the opportunity to think about evaluating it neurologically during the week“Will Alex Zanardi be the first champion again?”We hope for it and hope for it. We are here for this reason“Sabino Scolletta, the emergency director of the hospital of Siena, replied:”We trust in his possibility of recovery, we are all confident – he added – He is a great athlete and he has shown it and we hope that this will also apply in this demanding situation“.

11.55 Zanardi’s phone and handbike seized

The cell phone that Alex Zanardi wore during the Obiettivo Tricolore relay was seized by the carabinieri in the investigation by the public prosecutor’s office of Siena on the accident of 19 June which saw him seriously injured against a truck in Pienza. According to what has been learned, the telephone is available to investigators for any checks. The handbike on which Zanardi traveled was also seized: the vehicle could be subjected to technical tests to reconstruct the dynamics of the impact with the truck, in particular to define the points of impact between the two vehicles. (HERE the complete article)

11.42 Update on clinical conditions

Regarding the clinical conditions of the athlete Alex Zanardi, hospitalized at the Santa Maria alle Scotte hospital in Siena since 19 June following a road accident, the Health Department informs that the patient spent the night in conditions of cardio-respiratory and metabolic stability. The organ functions are adequate. It is always sedated, intubated and mechanically ventilated. The ongoing neuromonitoring has shown some stability but this data must be taken with caution because the neurological picture remains serious. The current conditions of general stability still do not allow to exclude the possibility of adverse events and, therefore, the patient always remains in a reserved prognosis. The next update will be broadcast at 12 noon on Monday 22 June.

When Zanardi stood up sending the audience into a frenzy

11.35 A witness: “Alex was filming on the phone”

According to what reported by the Messenger, there would be a video of a cameraman who testifies to the responsibility of the former Formula 1 driver. Zanardi would have been distracted to take a shot on the phone, losing control of the hand-bike. Another completely opposite testimony instead ensures that both hands were on the handlebars.

Zanardi, a witness reveals: “He was filming with the phone”

10.00 The next scheduled updates

No significant news has been recorded since yesterday. The next update on the clinical situation is expected approximately at 12 o’clock.

8.50 Another stable night in hospital

Alex Zanardi spent the second consecutive night inside the pSanta Maria alle Scotte hospital in Siena. Conditions remain stable, albeit critical.

Zanardi, the doctor speaks: “Stable, but serious”

8.30 The message of Walter Zenga

The Cagliari coach Walter Zenga, at the end of the game lost with Verona, he wanted to send a message of hope for Alex Zanardi, who is fighting between life and death after a terrible accident: “A great regret for everyone to think about what happened to Alex Zanardi. Sometimes life is unfair, you don’t realize why certain things happen. I hope to read positive news, he has seven lives like cats“.

Zenga is moved by Mario Corso and talks about Zanardi

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