Zanardi, Alex Tagliani the pilot of the accident at the Lausitzring: “He helped me to turn the page, he’s a great man”


How’s Alex doing? What do doctors say? I try to follow everything from here, from Canada, but in Italy you will certainly have more updated information. I hope once again he can pull himself out of suffering. For me a special man, he taught me a lot. He helped me a lot to overcome the weight of that accident with his way of thinking. Alex Tagliani answered the phone from Montreal, the driver who on September 15, 2001 at the Lausitzring circuit found himself in front of Zanardi’s out-of-control car, hitting it at over 300 an hour. Son of emigrants, he speaks our language very well and still competes in the local NASCAR championship: My dad from Brescia, my mother from Garda. Grandfather Calogero was in love with engines, he built race cars and go-karts and ran, the last time trial was at 96 years old.

Let’s talk about Alex, about the first accident.
S. At the beginning I didn’t know what had happened, they had also brought me to hospital in Germany, it was the days immediately after the attack on the Twin Towers.

Alex Tagliani

There were 13 laps left and there was a battle between four cars, at that time the Indy had 1,000 horses. In an oval track at very high speeds, you cannot stick to another car because of too many aerodynamic turbulences. Follow it a little bit inside or outside, also the slope of the track makes you bend your head. You can’t move it, not like in Formula 1. I saw Alex’s car out of the corner of his left eye on the very flat track, he ended up on the grass after slipping out of the pits. I tried to steer left, but the blow was so strong that I lost consciousness.

Then he woke up.
I had a little back pain, I asked what had happened to Alex and his wife Daniela arrived to find me in the room. She told me about her husband’s problems, he was very kind. The bad thing for me came when I left the hospital.

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