Zaha: “They accused me of going to bed with the coach’s daughter”


Three seasons to frame at the Crystal Palace, then in 2013 the big leap to the Manchester United. But those of Wilfried Zahain Old Trafford, six months have been forgotten despite the conquest of the Community Shield. Four overall appearances between Premier and Cups without any goal. “I had problems because people said I slept with the coach’s daughter (Moyes, ed) and that I didn’t play for that reason – he told Rio Ferdinand during an interview for ‘The Locker Room’ –. From the club they didn’t tell me anything and when I tweeted to defend myself from those accusations, the company didn’t share my choice. Nobody helped me. I lived all this alone, away from my family. This story has gone on very long and people still believe it is true, but I have never seen Moyes’ daughter. At one point, I didn’t understand why the coach didn’t come to tell me anything about this situation. It was all absurd“.

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