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Activist Davide Acito shows us the exclusive images recorded a few days ago from China, where the Yulin dog meat festival was held again this year

“Nothing has changed in China”says Davide Acito, an activist who organizes missions every year to save dogs from Chinese slaughterhouses. In 2018 with Giulia Innocenzi we documented this slaughter of dogs. “This year we also organized smart working,” jokes Davide, who because of the coronavirus was unable to go on a mission to China, but had to coordinate the rescues of dogs from Italy. “I have various contacts on the spot, after years of missions we have created a good network and we have been able to save dogs destined for slaughter.” Many of these dogs, however, they are sick and are thus entrusted to doctors after the rescue. “There is a dog that is now struggling between life and death,” says Davide. “She has parvovirus and also has a uterine infection.” And these would not be the only diseases some of the dogs destined for slaughter are affected: “Some have the distemper, which is contagious to humans, others have anger. So many people get sick because they eat infected meat, ”says David. “It is not only an issue of animal rights, but also of food safety.”

And in light of what is happening all over the world, it is surprising that, as Davide says, things for the dog meat market have not changed. “We had exulted at the news of the Minister of Agriculture who had decreed that the dogs were not edible,” comments Giulia Innocenzi. “Unfortunately it is not a binding rule”Says David. “A note is not enough, it takes a real ban.”

“Unfortunately this year does not seem to have improved on the contrary, ”concludes Davide. “It seems that there are even more dogs for the festival in these. There is a very high demand “. Fortunately for some dogs, fate changes with the arrival of activists like Davide. “After each mission we treat dogs, though 20% are too sick and he can’t do it. ” For the doggies that survive, the time comes to find a new family. “We are proud that today 100 rescued dogsthe slaughterhouses sleep on a sofa! ”says David. “Every year with the Elisabetta Franchi association we make an adoption campaign.”

These missions, however, have costs, so anyone who wants to help these dogs can do it by clicking here.

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