You order food at home, a SIM card arrives. Mobile: the interesting collaboration with Deliveroo


Matteo Bottin

Deliveroo is one of those services that allows you to order food at home, well known in the United Kingdom but also present in Italy. The semi-virtual operator I have. Mobile has launched a collaboration with this decidedly interesting delivery company.

Basically to some customers together with Deliveroo food also (surprisingly) delivers a SIM as a gift, which allows you to activate the ho offers. 5.99, I have. 9.99 and ho. 12.99. To do this, simply access the official operator app.

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It is not the first time I have. Mobile makes a commercial partnership with some delivery companies: we can mention Amazon Prime Now and Iper La Grande I supermarkets among the collaborations. Did any of you receive the SIM as a gift?

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