You arrive in Sardinia, the digital recording is online


The digital registration is operational in the platform of the Sardinia Region which all passengers arriving on the Island are required from June 3 – the day of reopening of the Regions.

Now it is possible to conclude the entire procedure directly online both from a PC and from a smartphone.

Registration with the indications of the traveler’s origin and destination can also be made one month before departure, while it is required that the compilation of the questions on the state of health is carried out at the latest two days before boarding.

Carriers will verify that passengers are provided with a receipt of registration.

Upon disembarkation, the same passengers will receive by email the “merci mercius” (“well arrived”) of Governor Solinas, with an invitation to maintain correct behavior, based on the requirements to avoid the spread of Covid-19.

Those arriving in Sardinia can then decide to download the SardegnaSicura app for tracking contacts during their stay. Currently the app is not yet downloadable. The Region is in fact waiting for Apple to grant the name change, from that of the previous version (Sardinia Region Authorization) used before the total reopening between Regions, to SardegnaSicura.

Even Sardinians returning to the island are obliged to register, including those who travel during the day.

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