You and me, Pierluigi Diaco hard with Jo Squillo: “I don’t share it”


Written by Paolo Parente, June 23, 2020, in Music

Pierluigi Diaco tough with Jo Squillo to You and Me: “I don’t share it at all”

Jo Squillo, musical icon of the 80s, was the main guest of the today’s episode, Tuesday 23 June, by Io e Te. Since entering the studio, the singer has proven to be an eccentric and spontaneous character. To celebrate the birthday of Pierluigi Diaco, who turns forty-three today, brought a cake, very beautiful to look at, of vegan composition. From this feature a confrontation between the two was born, which however led them to clash. The conductor of Me and you he said he was annoyed by all those vegans who believe they can impose their diet and when Jo Squillo reiterated his position, Pierluigi Diaco did not send them to him to say:

I respect that. I don’t share it at all, but I respect it.

A very direct confrontation that did not prevent the interview from proceeding, then, without frictions.

Jo Squillo tells his drama to you and me: “A terrible pain”

She happened to lose both parents within a month, at the same time of night and after 60 years of marriage. Jo Squillo he always chose not to talk about it on television, because, as he revealed in today’s episode of Io e Te a Pierluigi Diaco, she still can’t talk about it without bursting into tears:

I have experienced terrible pain. They were beautiful. Having my twin sister was very important. I lost the reference of my life in an instant.

You and me, Jo Squillo congratulates Pierluigi Diaco: “You are the change we want to see”

Recently Marco Liorni has done a proposal to Jo Squillo. The singer then accepted that proposal, as well as the invitation from Pierluigi Diaco to you and me. This is because he greatly appreciates the transmission and has not made it a mystery, complimenting the conductor directly:

You really are the change we want to see on TV.

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