“Yesterday’s speech? Dream book, just penalize the North” – Libero Quotidiano


That’s all? Luca Zaia listen to the talk to the Nation of Giuseppe Conte on Phase 3 and remains with his mouth open. From the premier, explains the Northern League governor of the Veneto to the Corriere della Sera, “I expected some fireworks, a few tricks up my sleeve, something more”. The show with the credit line Rocco Casalino to guard Conte? “The summary of what has been done and the book of dreams”, ironically Zaia, “a little bit by a prime minister in office for two years”.

The coronavirus, adds the Doge, “is a thing of the last four months. A little budget, come on. To make the reforms there was no need for money. Because money, without reforms, without a change of mentality, we cannot spend it” while the truth is that “we are a mummified country” and “if the method is always the same, we will die of committees, of self-protection, of not touching this and not touching that, of budding of large meetings and proliferation of task forces “. In short, in the end” we will die of hypocrisy “and,” if we do not really simplify, we will collapse. Hypocrisy is systematic, of perpetual postponement, of not simplifying “.

Conte has focused the lights of the next interventions above all on the twelve o’clock, and Zaia is not there: “There are no children and stepchildren. I have nothing against the South, but it is not that you win the Grand Prix penalizing those who have the chance to win them”. In short, the North always comes later because “so much they get by”. But no, the health emergency of coronavirus is passing and we must go back to talking about politics and investments autonomy, “because Veneto has forgotten”. Then a practical example: “I have to make the new university polyclinic of Padua, a work from 600 million. But without changes, it won’t take me ten years to open it. And the worst is that he will be born old. But I say: have we seen the bridge in Genoa? Why don’t you apply that model that worked? “.

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