Xbox Series X, Jason Ronald throws an arrow at PS5 on TFLOPS and variable frequencies –


Xbox Series X does not use variable frequencies for processor and GPU as it does SS5, thereby declaring TFLOPS higher than the use of stable clocks: said Jason Ronald, director of program management at Xbox, quite explicitly.

The arrow, if we want to call it, was pulled to the console Sony during a new interview in which Ronald reiterated, as done by Phil Spencer, that the hardware advantages of the Xbox Series X will also emerge in this sense, thanks to the consistency and predictability of the performance.

“We focus on optimizing the development experience, so that this can lead to the best experience for the player, rather than chasing record numbers. We have always talked about performance consistent and sustainable, “said the director of program management.

“We could have used forced clocks and variable frequencies, but the reality is that this type of approach makes it more difficult for developers to optimize their games, although it would have allowed us to release more TFLOPS than we had. ”

Ronald also hinted at the speed of the Xbox Series X SSD compared to PS5, saying that “things go beyond numbers that we may or may not have stated.” Does the Microsoft console still hide any surprises?

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