Xbox Series X: “How to make it as cheap as possible?”, The words of Phil Spencer


Although Xbox Series X was already announced last December, Microsoft is implementing a marketing strategy that leads it to always be in the spotlight. There have already been several opportunities to talk about the company’s next generation console, and recently Phil Spencer returned to the microphones of the BBC editorial staff to speak on the launch of the next gen console.

The impact that the Coronavirus epidemic has had, and will continue to have, on the whole world is something that it should not be underestimated according to the words of the head of the Xbox division. “The period we are about to enter will be of great economic uncertainty. We at Xbox are not part of the basic necessities such as food, so we want the launch of the Xbox Series X to be in tune with the situation and we asked ourselves to do it; how can we make the console as cheap as possible? “

To this self-imposed response, Phil Spencer wanted to list all who are the moves and services that Microsoft has already put in place over the past few years. “The subscription to the Xbox All Access service allows players to purchase a console by paying it in monthly installments. If for some the launch is not the right time to buy a new console they can stay with the one they already have, we will continue to support it. Our strategy is focused on the player, not on the hardware. “

Very clear ideas are those of the head of the Xbox division, which reflect all the steps taken by the Amercian company in the presentation of the Xbox Series X so far in advance. What do you think of Phil Spencer’s recent words? Do you share the philosophy that Microsoft is pursuing in this period?

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