Xbox Series S, the cheap Lockhart console doesn’t exist? Answer and blow between Forbes and Tom Warren –


The legend of continues Xbox Series Salso called Lockhart, with Forbes questioning theexistence of the console until recently, almost certainly given by many but with Tom Warren of The Verge to deny the construct of the site, claiming that the console exists.

Indeed, the article by Forbes Paul Tassi touches on various arguments that can be shared, such as the fact that, at this point, the presence of a console that has never been officially announced by Microsoft would be somewhat in contrast with the attitude held so far by the house of Redmond, who has been very clear from the outset about her intentions and the features of the Xbox Series X.

Furthermore, the fact of wanting to ensure extended compatibility and ongoing support with Xbox One at least for the first years of the Xbox Series X would make superfluous a further intermediate solution represented by the alleged Xbox Series S, could also confuse users’ ideas even more, considering how difficult it can be to advertise the next gen in complete compatibility with the previous generation.

It would also run counter to the search for supremacy in terms of power of the console, which is the basis of the Xbox Series X project, as well as not being even more justifiable in terms of price, considering that, at least according to the latest theories, it is possible that Microsoft’s next gen does not place itself far from PS5 as a cost and indeed according to some it could cost even less.

Against all this, however, Tom Warren has maintained its position, that is, that Xbox Series X or Lockhart actually exists. To tell the truth, he didn’t want to explain the matter so much, but he said that “I don’t have much more to say about Lockhart besides the fact that, if it didn’t exist, I don’t see why Dante should have a specific mode for this console”.

Dante is the preliminary devkit of the Xbox Series X or Xbox Scarlett, which apparently contains a mode dedicated to the console in question, so that you can scale the characteristics of the games within an environment that replicates the different hardware specifications of the two models. Obviously, we await official information, which could get to this point in the June presentation on the Xbox Series X, which apparently will focus on consoles and services.

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