X Factor 2020, new judges revealed


by Antonella Nesi

I’m Emma Marrone, the rap entrepreneur Hell Raton, at the registry office Manuel Zappadu, together with the found ones Manuel Agnelli is Mika the judges of ‘X Factor’ 2020. To announce it, as promised, was the confirmed conductor and creative producer of the talent, Alessandro Cattelan, in the weekly episode of his ‘Epcc Live’. Cattelan also presented them to the public live, with Emma, ​​Hell Raton and Manuel Agnelli guests in the studio and Mika in connection from abroad.

The new edition of the Sky talent produced by Fremantle, broadcast from September on SkyUno and Now TV, will therefore see four very different artists at the jury counter, two family returns and two new entries, united by the goal of finding the twelve young artists, who during the various selection stages, will stand out for their originality, identity, passion and musical proposal. This year more than ever, in such a particular and evolving historical moment, competitors, their music, their dreams and their values ​​will be at the center of the show.

For Emma, ​​this is the great debut at Sky: the Salento singer is one of the most loved voices on the Italian music scene, so much so that Vasco also wanted to write for her, and one of the most followed artists (over 4 million and 500 thousand followers on Instagram, over 3 million likes on Facebook, more than 2 million 500 thousand followers on Twitter, 400 million views on the official Youtube channel), started from ‘Friends’ by Maria De Filippi ten years ago, passed through the victory and running of Sanremo, and recently arrived also in the cinema with a co-starring role in Gabriele Muccino’s “The Most Beautiful Years”.

The name, however, less known to the television audience but well known in musical circles is that of Hell Raton, at the registry office Manuel Zappadu, on its debut on the small but true screen record point of reference for the Italian rap scene thanks to Machete – famous crew he founded together with Salmo and Slait in 2010 – and the years spent behind the scenes of the Machete Empire Records label, founded in 2013, of which he is CEO and creative director. In parallel, together with Slait, he created Machete Gaming – a project in which music and gaming meet in a formula never seen before – and he is also the promoter of various beneficial projects: an example is Machete Aid on Twitch, a marathon in support of Music workers affected during the Covid-19 health emergency.

Manuel Agnelli returns instead at the jury table that saw him protagonist, beloved and feared judge, for 3 consecutive seasons, from 2016 to 2018. The leader of the Afterhours returns thanks to his experience and his unique and innovative musical vision, after a one-year break who saw him engaged before in the concert at the Forum of Assago, sold out, which celebrated the band’s thirty years of career and from which the documentary “We are Afterhours” was taken, previewed at the Rome Film Festival, then on the tour “An Evening with Manuel Agnelli”.

Return home also for Mika: the naturalized British Lebanese showman and pop star also has three editions of ‘X Factor’ in Italy, from 2013 to 2015. Mika is a judge much loved and never forgotten by the talent audience. Last autumn he returned to the music scene with “My Name Is Michael Holbrook”, an autobiographical album resulting from a marked artistic maturation that took place with the extraordinary one man show. brought to twelve Italian arenas with 70 thousand tickets sold during the “Revelation Tour”. Tour that continued in Europe and Australia before being interrupted due to the pandemic on the road to Asia and the big American festivals that were on the calendar: from Coachella (USA) to Lollapalooza, Argentina. His mini show during the Sanremo Festival, which reached the peak of the evening listening to 60% of the share, was his last appearance on Italian TV.

I want to have a lot of fun and X Factor does what I’ve been doing for Machete for ten years: discovering talents“Hell Raton, interviewed by Cattelan, said.” I look for talent and the future, “he added.” Over the years I have learned to get involved, from 2010 with the foundation of Machete up to Machete Gaming, passing through the debut of the ‘Machete Empire Records label and the birth of Me Next and 333 Mob. In my work the roles of record company, talent scout, artistic and creative director, but also musician live together. Faced with a talent, I try to examine it in all its aspects and its abilities, with a 2.0 approach, to find, together, the most suitable path for his career. This is what I would like to do here at X Factor, I want to put myself at the service of new talents to help them find the most suitable expression for their artistic personality, with a research work that always explores new trends and technologies “, he concluded. I knew other judges by name but not personally, “he admitted.

Mika connected from Athens said: “I have never met with any of the judges this year. That’s why I feel like it’s the first time. This year we have people at the judges’ table who are not afraid to speak with the heart. So even if we don’t always agree, it doesn’t matter, because when you speak with your heart you are always right, “he added revealing that he is reading Dante to return to the Italian atmosphere.” He convinced me your vocal message “, he continued Mika turned to Cattelan. “I return to X Factor with a strong motivation and a mission that convinced me to accept this challenge. My response to the social crisis that recent events have brought is to participate, to share and what I know how to do as an artist and entertainer is precisely to entertain, make people dream. X Factor this year will be a new, great opportunity to get closer, to dream together and I answer this call: there are! “, He concluded.

Emma, ​​”a little excited“, admitted to approaching the new ‘X Factor’ experience” with a super positive attitude although we all come from a very difficult moment: the other judges all seem very cool to me. We are a nice group“the singer said that this year she had to celebrate ten years of her career with a concert at the Arena in Verona, open a concert by Vasco Rossi and participate in the great concert” One, none, one hundred thousand “against violence against women. “It really eats me up – said about it – but we will recover all next year, even more beautifully. “On his debut at ‘X Factor 2020’ he added:” I hope to live up to the role. I’ve always loved challenges. We are experiencing a ‘strange’ period and inevitably this edition of X Factor will also be ‘different’ from the previous ones. I hope that music and entertainment will be of great help in sending a positive message of rebirth and restart, especially for all the boys and girls who get involved for their big dream. “To Cattelan who asked when had told to Maria De Filippi, Emma replied: “I think I said it first to Maria and then to my mom, she was very happy and proud because she discovered me and she is happy on the way I went “.

While Manuel Agnelli he said: “X Factor returns to me to be, but with a whole new awareness, a discussion table free from too rigid formulas, free from preconceptions. A space that reopens. An opportunity. Prendiamocela“he underlined also talking about the quarantine spent also studying with his daughter.” I really like the project that is being built around this new X Factor “, continued Agnelli, faithful to the line that made him famous at the jury table: “to bring the voice of a way of making music and why to make music, far from the logic of numbers and results at all costs. Music as language, as an expression of the self, as a human and inner journey, as a stance, as an act of life. Much, much more powerful than being successful. Bringing this vision to the general public, on television and in a context like this, remains an important purpose for me “, concluded Agnelli, revealing that he had met Mika at a party of Fedez and Chiara Ferragni and to have witnessed the choice of the name of his son Leone.

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