Written on Penny Lane plaque, ‘racist’ – Last Hour


(ANSA) – LIVERPOOL, JUNE 12 – Penny Lane, the road to
Liverpool made famous by the Beatles in the 1967 song of the same name,
has become the target of the anti-racist protest and its plaque
has been covered in graffiti since it is believed to carry the
named after a slave trader, James Penny. On a wall it is
the word “racist” also appeared.
The fact is that it is not at all certain that the road has been
named after James Penny: the mayor of Liverpool, Joe Anderson,
in recent days he has denied it. But those responsible
of the International Slavery Museum in Liverpool are more cautious and
continue to conduct research. “There is debate, but the
evidence gathered is not conclusive, “said a spokesman for the
museum, stressing that “is an extremely important theme for
the museum and for the city and we urge those who have information to
share them. “


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