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It would have been nice to find a debut joke on Lautaro and Cavani, the Toro and the Matador. Fortunately for you, however, today I am completely devoid of humor, so we will do without, coming immediately to the heart of the matter: if Inter were to sell Lautaro to Barcelona, ​​would Cavani be the right profile to support Lukaku? So far, in fact, there has been talk of Griezmann, Timo Werner, players who are very different from each other and above all both very different from the former Napoli striker. But Griezmann is a chimera and the German is practically already from Chelsea (in Germany they are safe). So what to think? That Inter are ready to ‘settle’ for an old bomber just because it is about to expire? An escort Matador? Legitimate but impoverished thesis. On the other hand, it is not even too useful to get excited by adding the kennels of goals by Lukaku and Cavani. Even if the numbers are numbers. We must therefore strive to imagine another Inter, perhaps a little more démodé but no less performing for this. Rather.

THE LAST CAVANI – We start to do this starting from Cavani’s last goal in Ligue 1 against Bordeaux. In the second year of Tuchel the Uruguayan played, what little he played (only 14 league appearances, 4 goals and 2 assists), from first striker in 4-4-2. So often and willingly paired with Mbappé, in a dynamic attack in which he tended to refer more to the defenders while the French varied at will. In short, the attack of the area on the crosses was up to him.

In this fundamental, certainly not extraneous to Conte’s game, Cavani knows how to do much more than Werner, just to make a name. Here he is as he changes direction and passes behind a defensive center into the opponent’s area, predicting the perfect trajectory of Comrade Di Maria.

In short, Inter would not lose the various head goals made by Lautaro this season. Cavani is in fact even more center-forward than the Argentine, best jumper, and if necessary he could also perform the tasks of Lukaku himselfif Conte wanted to take his breath back.

CAVANI SECOND POINT: WITH IBRA – But Inter would not come to Cavani to play the center forward, but to join the giant Lukaku. So more than the Naples experience that we all remember (the legendary three tenors Hamsik, Cavani, Lavezzi …), we must look at the years of Paris spent alongside another giant, Zlatan Ibrahimovic. They were not exactly friends according to recent statements by Michael Ciani, the Swede’s former partner at the Galaxy (“The only person he didn’t get along with was Cavani”). This is probably because the Uruguayan was immediately moved outside by Laurent Blanc, who persisted in playing with 4-3-3. Dislike apart, in the field certain combinations for two were seen the same …

In fact Cavani was a fake outside, more a second striker than a wing. Here, against Reims, we see him attacking the space on a magnificent assist before the Swede.

This one is another game of the 2015/16 season, the return match against Reims. The provisional configuration of the Parisian attack recalls certain recurring positions of Conte’s Inter: the two neighboring peaks and a mezzala (the left one mostly) that rises to finish in the middle space. Verratti fishes the Matador between the lines.

Cavani takes the outside bank towards Pastore and meanwhile turns to shoot in depth. Ibra is the most advanced reference on which the opposing line is regulated.

Received the ball, Pastore advances in conducting a few meters then bowl. For those who do not understand each other, as both Ibra and Cavani fall on the ravenous disk.

The Swede breaks through, the Uruguayan pounces on the slope and with a leap marks the right flight.

Without the necessary differences between Ibra and Lukaku, in some cases it is the size that matters, the physicality. With his mere presence and good character, Lukaku would allow Cavani to ‘take advantage’ on more than one occasion, given that the Uruguayan killer instinct and timing are certainly not lacking.

WITH CHOUPO-MOTING- With Tuchel, in the last phase of his career, Cavani also played in tandem with Choupo-Moting, another not really small center forward (1.91 m), always in 4-4-2. So I propose a last game situation that could reoccur in Conte’s Inter if Cavani arrives in Milan to support Lukaku in the next year. A launch by a defender (T. Silva) to overcome the opponent’s midfield, in search of the center forward-buoy-tower (Choupo-Moting).

Notice Cavani’s readiness immediately. On the chest check of the ward mate forced to receive backs to the door, he has already identified the space to attack. And you throw yourself like a bird of prey.

At that point just put it in favor of running that the goal is assured. Choupo-Moting does it, Lukaku can do it too.

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