“Worried about the team quarantine with a positive. A chat with Allegri but he is talking to other clubs”


Tommaso Giulini, president of Cagliari, spoke to the microphones of Radio Rai, the Radio Anch’io lo Sport broadcast:

How do you feel about the recovery?

“We are obviously a little worried that with a positive the whole team should go to quarantine. This would put the championship at risk. We are the only European country to have made this choice and I do not understand the meaning very well. It would create terrible damage for Italian football with a new stop. The situation is already complicated now “.

What do you think of the algorithm hypothesis for deciding positions?

“In these three months, President Gravina has done a great job of connecting together with Dal Pino, De Siervo and Balata. If we share a lot of the credit, it is Gravina’s and before criticizing an algorithm, we have to understand how it works. I still don’t know , but you need respect. ”

Did the virus bring calcium to a more real level?

“I think it is a restart as in all sectors. We hope it will be gradual and that a bubble will not be created as in recent years. I hope that the value of the cards can go hand in hand with the contracts. Football could be more human and closer to the fans who have fallen in love with all these controversies in the last three months “.

When will the fans return to the stadium?

“We still don’t know how and when it will be possible. It is difficult to predict what the regulations will be and this is a shame. We have to plan a reopening of the stadiums. Here in Sardinia already yesterday there were full beaches, with tourists they will still be full of more, but we can’t help but think about reopening the plants, even if I see it as a very distant thing “.

Is the new stadium a concrete project?

“Yes, we will start planning these days, we have signed a contract and I hope that it will be completed by December. We hope that within three years, maximum four, we can play in the new stadium”.

Did you really think about Allegri’s return?

“He is very close to President Filucchi and at the end of January there was a chat but nothing more. He is talking to other clubs, it was complicated for us, but in the centenary year it would have been a nice dream.”



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