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The association National Consumer Union (UNC) reported the operator WINDTRE Antitrust for his behavior in the recent switch to advance monthly billing for all customers of fixed network.

The consumer association chaired by Massimiliano Dona, after the integration of the complaint against WINDTRE on the free modem, in fact announced with a note on its website of 29 May 2020 that it also had reported WINDTRE to the Competition and Market Authority (AGCM), after collecting testimonials from some consumers about this change.

As already mentioned, the company Wind Treat the time still operating with separate brands Wind is 3 Italy, Had already communicated in October 2019 with a note on the sites of its former brands that it would have changed the billing period landline offers, going from postponed bimonthly to advance monthly but “Without prejudice to the offer price completely unchanged as Wind Tre communicated.

Precisely for the latter reason, Wind Tre did not consider it as a real remodulation changing the billing period, denying therefore any requests for withdrawal without penalty.

Unlike the increases that entered into force from 1 January 2020 for some Wind Tre fixed network customers, the change in the billing period involved without distinction all Wind Tre fixed network customers.

According to UNC and its lawyers would, in all respects, be one unilateral modification of the contractual conditions, but as the association points out WINDTRE did not “Not at all mention the possibility of withdrawing from the contract, without penalties”.

National Consumer Union (UNC) in fact underlines how the operator did not consider “Indirect costs on a monthly rather than bimonthly basis, such as, for example, the cost of sending the paper invoice (we must not forget, in fact, all those less technological consumers who prefer the traditional paper bill over the e-account by email) “.

Wind Tre customers who they receive their invoices in paper format, the cost of which is 2 euros per shipment, they actually had a increase in the cost to be paid in one year, going from 12 euros to 24 euros per year.

Exactly for this reason UNC has informed that it has reported this WINDTRE situation to the Antitrust Authority for the lack of possibility to withdraw without penalties after the modification of the billing period, as well as making itself available to consumers to resolve any problems with the operator.

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WindTre Antitrust billing

Please note that the first changes due to the modification of WINDTRE have been applied, in some cases, already from 22 December 2019 (in some cases even earlier), when for “Technical operational reasons” a has been issued telephone connection account, of shorter duration and less than what was normally paid.

Instead, the change in the timing of billing actually entered fully operational from 12 January 2020, when all Wind Tre landline bills have passed definitively from the postponed bimonthly payment to the monthly advance payment.

The consequence of this change for Wind Tre customers is primarily due to the fact that the bill amounts now refer to the next month instead of the previous monthbasically paying in advance to use the service, rather than in a postponed manner as was previously the case.

All this clearly concerns i fixed recurring fees, while consumption costs are always included in the invoice of the following month.

Regarding the cost of paper invoices, increased with the transition to advance monthly invoicing, it is still possible to activate the service e-Account by mail, to receive so free there electronic invoice (PDF) directly into your own box e-mail, saving on paper shipping costs, as well as contributing to environmental protection.

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