WindTre: rechargeable Start Limited Edition offer continues until June 21, 2020 –


Until 21 June 2020, except for any other extensions, the offer can be activated in stores and online WindTre Start Limited Edition, with 10 Giga of data traffic every month on residual credit or 20 Giga in the Easy Pay variant. The offer is dedicated to those who activate a new number.

The offer in question provides in detail unlimited minutes to all national fixed and mobile numbers, 200 SMS towards all e 10 Giga of data traffic at the price of 11.99 euros per month on residual credit. The cost of the SIM is 10 euros and the offer can be activated in stores or online (here is the direct link). In this second case, the SIM, like shipping, is free.

The variant with 10 Giga of data traffic is the one with the cost of the remaining credit, but the customer can also activate the Easy Pay version with automatic payment mechanism, which offers 20 Giga instead of 10, every month, always at the price of 11.99 euros per month.

For online activation, the customer must wait for the arrival of the SIM at the indicated address, free of charge, and carry out the video recognition by following the instructions.

For the variant Easy Pay, in the shop on activation cost it is 6.99 euros, instead of 49.99 euros if the offer is kept active for 24 months, otherwise the customer will have to pay the remaining portion, divided into 24 installments of 1.8 euros per month. In case of early withdrawal, all the missing installments will be charged. Online the cost is instead of 9.99 euros instead of 49.99 euros, always with active offer 24 months.

The WindTre Start Limited Edition on remaining credit with 10 Giga per month, instead, it provides an activation cost of 6.99 euros, in promotion at 0 euros for those who complete their online purchase.

The offer can be used also in Roaming under the same national conditions, but with a limit for the maximum amount of data traffic that can be used every month, as established by the EU regulation on the matter.

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Once the Internet gigs available are exceeded, a payment will be made extrasoglia for data traffic of 99 euro cents per 1 Giga of internet per day, available until 23:59. In the event that the Giga is fully consumed before 23:59, navigation will be blocked until the next day.

Sold out SMS includedinstead, the cost of 29 euro cents per single SMS will be applied, as required by the basic rate. The minutes are instead unlimited in compliance with the principles of good faith and fairness.

For the variant on the residual credit, WindTre applies its own mechanism in case of insufficient credit, which allows you to have the traffic included in the offer in advance.

More specifically, each time the credit is insufficient for the activation and renewal of the active options on the SIM WindTre, except for the costs related to the offers Roaming, the included traffic will not be blocked, but will be made available until hours 23:59 of the same day at the cost of 99 euro cents.

If the credit is not sufficient on the following day, the traffic will be available again for a further 2 days at an additional cost of 99 euro cents. At the end of the days when the included traffic is made available in advance, in case of insufficient credit the SIM will remain active only in reception or for emergency calls.

Clearly, the amounts in question will not be applied with Easy Pay, as the renewal takes place on an automatic payment method. Furthermore, WindTre does not apply the amount to consumer offers that do not include data traffic included.

Remember that with Easy Pay it is possible to pay with credit card or checking account or with enabled account cards PostePay Evolution, Superflash of Banca Intesa-San Paolo, Genius Card of Unicredit and DB Contocarta of Deutsche Bank.

The WindTre Start Limited Edition offer, extended on May 18, 2020 and now available until June 21, 2020, includes SMS availability services I’ve looked for you (ex SMS MyWind), the free listening service of the voice mail and the cost of the return receipt SMS is 29 euro cents per SMS (only if set on your phone).

In addition, the Easy Pay variant can be combined with Telephone Included, to rate a smartphone among those proposed by the operator.

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