Windows 10 will be revolution, as the Start menu will change


One of the many projects on which Windows 10 is working is the user interface. It’s been several months now that we talk about it and also Microsoft has assured that the new UI is at the top of the list of things to do and that it should arrive in one of the next core updates. We will hardly see it with the November Update 2020, which as confirmed by several rumors will be a simple update to fix bugs and improve system stability. Much more likely, however, that it will arrive next year with the update scheduled between March and May 2021.

Waiting for a bit more detailed news, Microsoft wanted to give an anticipation of how the new user interface will be by publishing some images on the Microsoft 365 Facebook account, the productivity suite launched a few months ago. From the published images you can guess how the graphics and developers are working to make the Windows 10 Start menu even more useful and suitable for user requests.

What will the new Windows 10 Start menu look like?

Those who expected an epochal change will be disappointed: from the images you can guess how Microsoft is working in continuity with what is already present now. Live Tiles, one of the elements most discussed and hated by the Microsoft community, remain, even if they will not have the same importance and predominance as in past versions of Windows 10.

In these years Microsoft has worked constantly for improve the user experience of Windows 10 and the steps forward have been remarkable. But a further step is still missing to complete the work. Step that should come next year. What will change? We have already mentioned some Live Tiles. They will remain, but the color will adapt to the theme chosen by the user (light or dark) and will not predominate over everything else. Furthermore, users will be able to deactivate the animated effects which are replaced by static icons created following the dictates of the “Fluent Design“, The style chosen for the new Windows 10 interface.

When the new Start menu will be available

The development of the Start menu has an absolute priority over everything else, but it takes a little more time for everything to be ready. The most likely hypothesis is that the new Windows 10 interface is released with the update scheduled between March and May 2021.

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