Windows 10 has a bug: do not disconnect or turn off the USB printer with the PC turned off


Microsoft has

the existence of a bugs affecting systems Windows 10 from
version 1903 (May 2019 Update) to the latest 2004 (May 2020 Update)
is that
prevents the system from use the USB port you connected the printer to if
you disconnected or turned it off after turning off the PC.
The bug occurs on reboot
the Windows 10 system, with the USB port of the printer that disappears from the
door list
and any print request fails.
“If you connect a USB printer to Windows 10 1903 or
next, then shut down Windows and disconnect or turn off the printer when
start Windows again the printer’s USB port will not be available
in the list of print ports, “reads a technical document.”Windows
you will not be able to complete any operation that requires that port

The problem affects USB printers with drivers equipped with
a Language Monitor because the OpenPortEx callback function of this language
Monitor is not called and “as a result, the user cannot perform
operations dependent on the operation of Language Monitor “.
“In Control Panel Devices and Printers,
when you select Print Server Properties and the Ports tab, the port for the
USB printer (for example ‘USB001’) will not be displayed in the list of
printer ports, “adds Microsoft.” As a result, the user cannot
perform operations dependent on the existence of the door “.
The problem can
be avoided
by connecting the USB printer turned on before the Windows system starts
10. Microsoft has confirmed that it is working on a fix for this bug that will be released in the near future. There is currently no list of which printers are affected by the problem.

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